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Mouse korean drama review
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3 days ago
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Not very bad ,, dizzy ,, story complete ,,recommended investigation lovers

not too bad, dizzy and confusing at the beginning of the drama, but quite curious, and the story is finished

the early episodes 1-5, the first feeling i get from watching this drama is, annoyed, dizzy, and dissatisfied,, why???

1. a lot of stupid and careless cast

2. ‎ timing is not right , and unclear ( flashback in live show ep 5 ,,
15years from 2005 is 2020 ,but after 1 year jungbareum check who hit him the date it happened was 16-11-2019, and in the last eps it when.... The date is 2021,, ‎events that already happen but not shown,nit clear timing ,i think i missed something,,but they tell it then (documentary of hanseojoon and goomoowon,,,, lawyers from ssungyohan and kangdooseok)

3. ‎evidence and witnesses are always intentionally missed

4. ‎very sloppy investigations are not confirmed in the first place, relying only on guesses( mukbang vloggers who don't have anorexia, if they check the facts they will notice the oddity, because sung yohan is a genius doctor it is impossible not to know such trivial things)

5. ‎evidence and witnesses are not explained from the start , since the beginning of the investigation they did not mention the main evidence and witnesses that they obtained, but added as the story progressed, it could suddenly be that A who became a suspect for stalking, or victims A, B, C when alive have this habit or that habit that's what make them killed, and can get a shuddenly witness ( but in my opinion no reason to connect it with the case,,,such as girl employee being forced to eat, if he is a psychopath there is no reason to let her go and leave trace ) and when they saw the evidence obtained from the victim, they just looked at it, without being explained what it was, they just had a sad and shocked expression,, basically the audience didn't understand, because the photos were very unclear and bloody, especially their scenes had many sensors

6. ‎unreasonable and obvious connection of the case (supermarke girl and mukbang vloger ,, Lee Jaesik's pants that were given to Kangdoeksoo a year ago couldn't be planned, how did the killer find out? and coincidentally they both are predators),,, The evidence storage team's footage...something was cut...why didn't they cut it all? And have to leave behind the cut off image of the mysterious person?

7. ‎censorship in investigation and thriller drama is very annoying, because it is not clear what is shown if not said

8. ‎. ‎skipping the scene at an important moment, which adds (?) for this drama,, deliberately making a diversion scene in order to get a plot twist (choi hyun ju tie someone with rope in tie knot case)

9. ‎I found some camera reflections and cameraman shadows in the drama (±ep6 49.11 ,,, ep15 32:21 )

BUT ! BUT it is undeniable that this drama gives me a feeling of being addicted to watching, it's been a long time since I get a drama that made me feel very fast finish for a Kdrama with a duration more than 1 hour,,, and I noted a problem that is still not clear, and it can be said that everything has been answered at the last of the drama , can't say happy ending, but ALL COMPLETE ,,,

It's a bit unfortunate to pass the psychopathic gene fetal abortion bill, because in addition to the psychopathic gene, there is also a genius gene, and at first psychopaths can restrain themselves if they are not triggered, the most important thing is that a person does not need a psychopathic gene to do cruelty, only need intention.

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