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It's a small world after all


It's a small world after all

Although I have been watching dramas since 2014, it's just recently that I am actively participating in any discussion regarding them as I have always felt kinda underqualified among the other avid drama watchers. 

I mostly give a score to a drama/movie for more of my own convivence rather than what it actually deserves. I more or less follow the below thumb rules for my rating.

My Rating
What it Signifies
Below 4
Avoid watching.
May find it tolerable based on the current mood.
One time watch.
7-8Entertaining. May qualify for repeat viewing.
8-9One of the bests. In my repeat view list.
Above 9Crossed the boundary of entertainment and stepped in to the territory of Art.

If you are interested, you can check out this list of My All Time Favorite Asian Films.

I rarely wrote reviews previously. Recently started with drama/movies which created strong reaction from me, positive or negative.

PS: In case you are curious, that's me in my profile picture. 

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