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I am a 33 year old German girl, yes I still consider myself a girl. :D  My Chinese name is 凯琳 Kǎi lín.

 I did a Bachelor's degree in 'Asian studies' and 'Ethnology'. I learned or am still learning (it's an ongoing process) Mandarin, Japanese and a little Korean, visited South Korea a few times, been to Taiwan twice, lived two years in China and spent one year in Japan on a working holiday visa. As you can see I am Asian travel obsessed, but there's still so many more countries to visit!

After going  from reading Manga to watching Anime, I stumbled across a real life adaptation of an Anime:  Princess Princess D (really dumb shit tbh... but Sato Takeru!!) and here I am approximately half a year of my life wasted away with drama watching. Well I don't consider it to be a waste really.

I enjoy watching mostly Japanese and Korean drama,  occasionally Chinese and Taiwanese, too (if they aren't too long), and think it's also useful for learning more about Asian culture and to keep the language cells in my brain active. I recently started watching a few Thai drama, mainly comedy, I love their sense of humour.

I hate to not finish a drama I started, that is why I start watching several drama at the same time if I can't continue watching one for some reason. If I notice I still couldn't bring myself to continue watching after several weeks I put them on hold, knowing that I might never get back to them. I know it's stupid, but I feel I should still give them another chance before I discard for all of the drama that I finish I don't really give bad rating, because the fact that I still wanted to finish them, is proof to me that they can't be so bad.


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