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Uncle korean drama review
Ongoing 10/16
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by crayrules
6 days ago
10 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 3.5
This review may contain spoilers


This show started off strong but I started to find the storyline a bit repetitive by episode 6.

So reading about the details of what this show is supposed to be about the Uncle, Joon Hyuk taking care of his sister and nephew in "hiding" but right up to episode 7, we deal with Uncle and family vs. the villains the "Momvelies". Basically a bunch of rich moms who own their own apartment units vs the renters like the Uncle's sister. So there's a war that goes back and forth between the rich mom group and the Uncle and family and of course, their young kids also hate each other and the young, rich kids are the typical bullies.

Now there's only so much I can watch with the dumb mom group being manipulative and a bunch of liars and the typical bullying and even when the Uncle gets the upper hand, somehow his side is either begging for forgiveness or his solution is to get the mom group to give back what they took away without really suffering any consequences for their lies and deceit. It's all too repetitive.

Now about the Uncle, of course, as he trying to make a comeback, something happens to derail his plans, EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME. On repeat...

After the Momvelies, finally comes the abusive, rich grandmother who plays the "new" villain. Of course, it's the same typical storyline of evil, rich in-laws thwarting and threatening everyone's happiness. Same ol', same ol'.

I'm a huge fan of Oh Jung Se, but I have yet to see how this show will tackle and focus on the Uncle finally perhaps making a serious comeback and to see whether or not this show will seriously address domestic violence and physical abuse.

(watched ep 10 as of writing)
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