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Seoul south korea,❄
Crush chinese drama review
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8 days ago
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 8.5
How to get a man? Tip from Wu Yan: "You have to be shameless and nuisance." ??

Ok, so I've watched this drama without having expectations and high hopes because let's admit it that mostly modern cdramas have same plots and scenes but this drama it’s totally different— male lead has disability. He was blind. But he did not take it as a problem since he manage his life very well and become a popular songwriter.

Honestly, this drama is absolutely beautifully written and executed! ?❤️ The first thing that I felt in love with was the music, I just love all the songs. It was amazing! Evan Lin is sooo good!! How can he be so perfect?

and OMG the main couple, Sang Wu Yan (Wan Peng) and Su Nian Qin (Lin Yanjun) chemistry just brightens up everything, the quiet companionship they have at home, taking each other, the calm romance when they're just sitting on the couch reading and cuddling, the warm hugs and every time Nian Qin back from his work, he will rang the doorbell and wait for Wu Yan to open the door then he would say ‘I’m back’ while giving a kiss at her forehead. This is SOOO romantic than any cheesy love cliché in most dramas ??

I am fan of Wan Peng and I do wish she can kiss better because Evan Lin seems like he would be a good kisser. I can see all that love in Evan's eyes & I had watched all of Wan Peng's drama before this but this "Crush" drama hits sooo different! ✨

I seriously can't believe that this drama is actually Su Nian Qin (Lin Yanjun) first acting debut work. He is soo good and rocks as Su Nian Qin so perfectly. His gestures and movements as blind person are all perfect!

PS. The only thing that really bothers me most is Wu Yan's bff Cheng Yi huhu I felt like ending was too rushed while a lot of characters were not given a chance to explain themselves :<

But overall this drama is definitely worth watching and for the first time in a chinese drama, this has been the most refreshing story that I've ever encountered!!! ?

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