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When in stories the main characters end up together, we are led to believe it's a fairy tale ending that will make everyone happy, but is it always the case? What if the end is just yet another beginning, and what the future holds is unknown and scary?

The four stages of how I learned to drop dramas and not feel guilty about it. How I went from being an enthusiastic baby to my 2nd chance project.

Want to write reviews, but there is something blocking you? Been there, done that. After a year of gaining experience, I decided to write down some tips that might be useful for folks that are thinking about becoming reviewers themselves.

As an impulsive dropper, I have decided to go on an ambitious journey through my dropped dramas and give these titles a second chance. How exactly does this work? Find out for yourself!

Hate-watching: Enjoying the Frustration
A dive into a world known as hate-watching from the perspective of hate-watchers and people who don't engage in this activity.
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Most Horrible Horror Titles

   the gems i'll die for
The Untamed
The complexity of the characters and the bad cgi and practical effects made me love this drama so much.
The Guest
I am rarely ever happy with horror dramas, since they're usually weak. Not here tho, not here. I loved the main trio too.
Sweet Home
Exploration of "What it means to be human?". It shows the best and the worst side of the humanity. Bless my church boi.



Cherry Blossoms After Winter
★★ ☆ ☆ ☆
The King of Pigs



Choi SanChoi JonghoJung Wooyoung
Park Seonghwa
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Know that I am basic bish for Woodz. Choi Seungyoun is the king and I will fight anyone who says he is not. We are all blessed with his music.
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우리 사랑한 날
Fall In Love
Love Emotion
Love Poem
Time of Love
miss A
Love Song
Stray Kids
Sorry, I love you
Sam Kim
Love Me Like That
I'm Gonna Love You

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