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Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida

About Me

My story goes like this.. I have been watching Anime for almost 20 years, one day I am bored, stuck on the couch cause I am waiting for them to tell me why I am in so much pain. turned out I needed Laser Spine surgery.

I watched an Anime called Say I love you.  I fell in love with the Shōjo format . 

My first Drama was Itazura na Kiss

After that I fell deep into the well that is Jdrama and by my stats on this profile page, I am glad I cancelled cable, cause I was never watching it

Real name: Until you know me its OAL or old anime Lady
Age: Grandmother of 4
Married with 2 adult (in age) sons
Countries you watch::Japan Mostly, but I have watched some from every country in the MDL database
Genres you watch: Everything.--but I dislike slow plots and stupid cops
Do you binge or space it out? BINGE baby Binge all the way..patience may be a virtue, sadly i lack it.
What do you expect out of your dramas? I expect my dramas to make me forget i hate my boss and my husband and kid are annoying....Entertain me. Thats it. i dont need high depth or high def. i don't need a deep meaning. Just. Keep. Me.Engaged. Flash a pretty man and its easy : )

Other about me : I am a not so amateur genealogist..I refuse to get certified because that means I have to charge a certain amount for my services and I feel even poor people have interesting family stories. This effects my drama watch because I will devour anything real life historical though it will drain me emotionally because people really went through it.
I love anime and explosions and sword fights
I am mentally 12 and 85 at same time
I like to participate in challenges 
My Guilty Pleasure drama is Hana Yori Dango
Watching a lot of TV is not new to's the list of DVD's I own

I am currently learning Japanese with a tutor

If you like these answers send me a friend request but know this

  1. You do not need to thank me for accepting it
  2. I am not going to search the internet for you to find things...I am not alexa or siri
  3. I am not anything other than another user, I am not v.staff or staff of any not ask me to do things out my range of power.
  4. There is no four I hate rules......

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SOME of the Subbers I Follow and places I download torrents
I follow more but Johnnys fansubbers do so in the dark,  afraid of getting shut down or worse, SO I will not list them or where to find them. If you know...You know.

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