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First off, a little about myself,

I am 24 years old. I am addicted to dramas and movies. I watch A LOT. This is probably because I am a master at procrastinating. I also love reading and playing video games! Currently, I am also trying to teach myself Korean.

My favorite genre ever is romance. If it doesn't have a romance genre and/or tag then I most likely won't watch it. I do make exceptions though if the plot sounds interesting. I should also say I support love no matter the gender of the couple. I do not like horror and try to avoid tragedies when I can. Also, I prefer dramas that aren't too long because I like to binge shows.

 I also want to say not to rely too much on any of my ratings for things. I like things easily, especially if it is romance and has a happy ending. I'm also very swayed if the show or movie had a really deep, emotional message, even if it has a sad ending.

On my plan-to-watch list, the ones marked as low priority are my Undecided. Since undecided isn't a list option, I put them there instead.

On my on-hold list will most likely be movies that I want to watch, but can not find anywhere online to watch with English subtitles or have to buy. There will be some exceptions of things I really did put on hold. If you happen to know where I can find any of these things please let me know!

I also don't like dropping shows, so I try really hard not too. I feel like if I dropped something, then I feel like I wasted my time on it, or I might miss something good. Therefore, I am a NDD sufferer. I finish no matter how long it takes. I have tended to drop quite a few American dramas before, but that is because I usually watch those while they are airing, then lose my patience waiting week by week or until a season finishes, and I never pay attention to if there are future seasons.

I am also a fan of any kind of music whether it be American, Asian, instrumentals, Opera you name it. There is some I don't like, but I'm pretty open. For relativity to this site, some of my favorite Kpop groups are BIGBANG, History, and Monsta X. Also, I love Wang Leehom, Wang Bowen, and Boy Sompob.

I am also a tag-maniac on MDL, so I tag things like crazy after I watch them. I do it because I feel like I'm giving more options to people. So, if someone likes the Phobia tag, and I watched something with that, that wasn't tagged yet, then I just helped someone find a new drama/movie that they may have ended up missing! Also, I know some watchers get triggered by some things, so if something isn't marked, then I try to mark that for them so they can avoid those triggers.

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Hope we can be friends in the future!

From now on, I will not be accepting friend requests so easily. If you would like to be friends with me on MDL, then please send me a message along with the friend request. In it, just give me a reason why you want to be friends (for drama discussion, similar interests, etc.). I will also take a look at your watchlist to see what similar titles we have watched. If I don't find reason to, then I will deny the request. You can always try again at a later date, if something has changed. Please do not feel offended if I don't accept your request.

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