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Alice korean drama review
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by Cakaloca
8 days ago
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
This review may contain spoilers

This a perfect example of a beautiful journey with a disappointing destination

Really a promising show. It is exciting to explore the science of time travel.

The story started with the travellers going back in time to acquire a book of prophecies that marks the end of all time travellers.

Lots of twist and turns, almost all beautifully done. Except maybe the ending, which is very confusing to say the least.

Also, the ending left a lot of questions. Like, why did all time travellers vanished? Even Alice vanished when the older version of the male lead died.

Another thing that really bothers me is their concept of the relationship of the ML and the FL. They used the term dimensions, they claimed that they were from different dimensions. But I'm more comfortable using the term timeline. Doesn't matter what term is being used though, sure they are from different dimensions/timeline but they are still genetically related. And even as the story unfolds, they started to know and to feel their other self merge with their current day persona.

So what does the ending means? If of all time travellers cease to exist, it means that the FL didn't travel through time. Didn't met ML's father and didn't gave birth to ML. In theory he shouldn't exist. But he's alive and living a normal life in a world which is really different. And why does the FL still have the memories of her old life as a time traveller? Does this mean that they are no longer sharing the same genes? Are they supposedly to be lovers now?

Anyway, watched this twice already. I was hoping that things would be clearer after the rewatch. I was wrong.
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