Angel Zhang

Hao Ran Zhang


  • First Name: Hao Ran
  • Family Name: Zhang
  • Native name: 张皓然
  • Also Known as: Hao Hao, 皓皓
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: January 14, 1988
  • Age: 34

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Hao Ran Zhang

Angel Zhang

  • Name: Angel Zhang
  • Native name: 张皓然
  • Also Known as: Hao Hao, 皓皓
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: January 14, 1988
  • Age: 34
Zhang Hao Ran, (English name Angel Zhang) is a Chinese model, actor and singer. He graduated from the Central Drama Academy.
Year Title # Role Rating
TBA Painting Jianghu
Chinese Drama, 0000, 40 eps
Shang Guan Yun Que [School Captain] (Main Role)
Shang Guan Yun Que [School Captain]
Main Role
2021 People's Property
Chinese Drama, 2021, 45 eps
Gao Xiao Peng (Support Role)
Gao Xiao Peng
Support Role
2020 The Message
Chinese Drama, 2020, 38 eps
Song Zhi Bai (Support Role)
Song Zhi Bai
Support Role
2020 Sniper
Chinese Drama, 2020, 57 eps
Li Bei Fa (Support Role)
Li Bei Fa
Support Role
2020 Goodbye, My Love
Chinese Drama, 2020, 12 eps
Lin Xiao's boyfriend (Support Role)
Lin Xiao's boyfriend
Support Role
2019 Yan Yangchun
Chinese Drama, 2019, 46 eps
Yan Zhen (Support Role)
Yan Zhen
Support Role
2017 Emergency Department Doctors
Chinese Drama, 2017, 43 eps
Xian Xian (Support Role)
Xian Xian
Support Role
2016 Stardom
Chinese Drama, 2016, 12 eps
Wang Shi Peng (Support Role)
Wang Shi Peng
Support Role
2016 Love is More Than a Word
Chinese Drama, 2016, 12 eps
Cui Jiong (Support Role)
Cui Jiong
Support Role
2015 Vigour of Green Olive
Chinese Drama, 2015, 30 eps
Lou Xiao Jie (Support Role)
Lou Xiao Jie
Support Role
Year Title Role Rating
2019 The Game of Desire
Chinese Movie, 2019,
[Western Restaurant Waiter] (Support Role)
[Western Restaurant Waiter]
Support Role
2017 Trek of the Mutants
Chinese Movie, 2017,
Yin Jiao (Support Role)
Yin Jiao
Support Role
TV Show
Year Title # Role Rating
2014 Laugh Out Loud
Chinese TV Show, 2014, 12 eps
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