Favorite BL Actors

Cornchips Mar 29, 2019
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  • Johnny Huang


    I love his character in Addicted web-series. Maybe at the beggining of the episode like in episode 1, u can find his cheesey acting, caused of it's first time he debut in acting. But after that he really played well and very fitted with his character.

  • Jason Xu


    God he is RICHARD GERE in Chinese-version. (Advance Bravery, 2017)

  • Lee Yi Kyung

    South Korean

    His eagle eyes *Love struck*. (White Night, 2012)

  • Max Nattapol Diloknawarit


    Basically i don't really like Thai actor, but wow suprisingly he's very handsome in Together With Me: Part 2.

  • Kuroba Mario


    He looks like Manga cartoon character >.< (Udagawachou de Matteteyo, 2015)

  • Rhydian Vaughan


    He is not seme in the film. They never doing smexy time since the film that he played is about bromance. But i think if that's happen, he will be the seme. (Girlfriend Boyfriend, 2012)

  • Tom Price

    Hong Konger

    Very good looking. (Amphetamine, 2010)

  • Mario Maurer


    Are we really want to skip this actor? Hell no. Who doesn't know him, right?! But in the film we can assume Mario aka Tong as a Seme since Mew popular with lady-boy nickname. (The Love of Siam, 2007)

  • Sky Wongravee Nateetorn


    I think definition of handsome in my chriteria has  a sharp jaw and eagle eyes. I like him, But in the series is all about bromance. As you can see his co-star character in the drama is kinda girlish, wearing pink accesorries so let's make a conclusion that he is a seme. (Project S The Series, 2017)

  • Fandy Fan


    I seriously trying to figure out who are the one who played as a seme in here. Let's assume it is him. (HIStory2: Boundary Crossing, 2018)

  • Lee Won Keun

    South Korean

    Another "trying to figuring out wich one is the seme" LOL. He is sweet and cute seme >.< (In Between Seasons, 2016).