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Deep Voice Appreciation (Male)

Who has the deepest voice of 'em all? (´♡ᴗ♡`)I was inspired by Cheer's Ear-Candy List [Ear-Candy (26 people) - MyDramaList ] to create an updated version as more and more young celebrities with Super-Deepset voices join Showbiz.Feel free to add in any Celeb (MALE ONLY) but they must have a Genuinely Deep Voice.

120 people 1382 voters 86 loves 30
Top 20 Dramas of 2021 (First Half)

Only dramas that have started and finished in the first half of the year between the following dates: December 1 2020 to June 30, 2021 Dramas that started in December can only count if the drama was finished in 2021All those added who don't meet the requirement will be removed. Only the Top 20 will be visible. VOTING END ON AUGUST 15.

105 titles 665 voters 30 loves 15
Dramas with beautiful titles

After having a long discussion with some like-minded (and equally jobless as me) individuals, I realised that I'm not the only one who likes dramas with titles that are meaningful, poetic, or just sound pretty in general, so I thought they deserved a list of their own. Ps: It doesn't necessary have to be a good drama, please just add or vote on titles that you loved! ^^ Edit: Please don't add movies! This list is only for dramas or specials. 

107 titles 205 voters 20 loves
Dramas For Beginners

Which dramas do you think are suited for a new watcher of Asian dramas? I've felt like they're becoming more popular in the mainstream now that Netflix carries some titles, and I'm wondering which ones you'd all recommend to someone who was asking you which one they should try first. You can vote for classics, masterpieces, ease of access (aka it's on Netflix or Viki), etc. Any drama you think a newbie should start with.

60 titles 144 voters 20 loves
Most Underrated Handsome of Korea (Male in Their 30s+)

These are the male actors whose names cross our minds because of their acting skills first, and their look second. But turned out, they have the whole package! Their handsomeness is just under-spoken and under-appreciated and that needs to be corrected.

31 people 61 voters 3 loves
Best Dramas 2021
47 titles 54 voters 2 loves
Dumbest Female Lead

Out of sheer curiosity I wanted to know who you consider as the dumbest FL in drama land....I would prefer to see Korean and Chinese titles but if you wanna vent out your frustration you need not bother about the country just go and add whoever you think deserves the title for possessing exceptionally good quality of unused brain ….lol You can add the drama by typing the name of the drama in the box at the bottom of the list (up to 100). And vote in favor if the title is already present in the list.Feel free to comment on who/what made you angry, just don't forget the spoiler tag if it's a spoiler. * Please refrain from judging others contributions to the list 

55 titles 44 voters 4
VOTE: Best romantic chemistry in dramas

VOTE: Best romantic chemistry in dramas that aired between 2016-2021, between the female and male lead characters, and or between the second lead characters.Voting starts 07-22-2021 Voting ends 08-31-2021Note: Each user can vote 3 times, and only the top 30 voted dramas will be shown.  BTW, if the drama that you want to vote for is not listed in the top 30, you can vote for the drama by adding it to the blank spot that is directly under the 30 most voted dramas; it's also above the comment area.OPTIONAL: In the comment area explain the reason why you chose 1 of the 3 dramas that you voted for. What about the chemistry between the leads, resonated with you? BTW, don't forgot to check Spoiler, if you are going to reveal something about that drama.

30 titles 44 voters 4 loves 6
K-Actresses Should Do Antagonistic Roles

Here's a list of A lister Actresses That You Want to See Their Darker Side in A Drama. Feel Free To Add 

27 people 41 voters 2 loves

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