Most Anticipated Dramas 2021-2022 (Thriller/Action +Romance)

My most anticipated (K- & C-) Dramas 2021-2022 (Romance + Thriller/Action/Wuxia/Fantasy)                                                                                                                                                                                           

   Upcoming or ongoing dramas.                                                                                                    IF YOU LIKE THIS LIST: PLEASE give it a HEART! :-)

If any of these get good reviews and a over 8.0 rating I will try them! So "anticipated" means not yet finished (anticipating the reviews/ratings).

My favorite genre mix: Thriller, Action, Martial Arts or Fantasy/Horror-Mystery (you get the picture (something thrilling), together with Romance! And I also love Fantasy.  What I don`t like: too much comedy. And romance that is only silliness+sweetness+melodrama. Bääää boring and soooo annoying!

Laura SK Oct 14, 2018
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