Chinese Dramas

As you can see,i don`t watch a lot of C-Dramas,but i would love to if given great recommendations.

Azet Mar 29, 2017
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  • Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower
    1. Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower

    Chinese Drama - 2009, 36 episodes

    I dropped this one around episode 27 or so and its my first C-Drama ever. I watched this just cuz it was inspired by "Boys over Flowers" and i remember really liking it.So why is the drop out reason? Because i couldn`t find all episodes in Youtube at that time,and was really upset and stressed over it.Someday i may re-watch this to finish it.

  • Cruel Romance
    2. Cruel Romance

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 40 episodes


    This one is fantastic! Awesome plot and characters, i remember falling in love with the main-leads...Geez how i loved their romance!!!

  • Novoland: The Castle in the Sky
    3. Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 28 episodes


    Novoland was recommended by a dear friend,and wow i totally enjoyed this for the Main-hero`s character (and talk about what Beautiful Eyes he had).This Epic adventure Romance both broke my heart and healed it!

  • Meteor Garden
    4. Meteor Garden

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 50 episodes


    I just adore this version of "Boys over Flowers" and watched it on Netflix.Great acting by the main-leads,bitter-sweet hate-to-love romance and great brother-hood of F4.I loved every episode of this!