Favourite Actors / Actresses (2019 and Before)

I haven't put these actors in a strict order (apart from #1) from my favourites to my least but they are all actors i love and appreciate the work of, also coincidentally most are male, oops this is the part i pretend that that isn't due to me being a fanboy of them XD.

Excludes TV shows.as 1st drama.

I only take into account their main roles (/second lead support role) when I do the whole:

1st drama I watched with him/her in : 

Drama which compelled me to watch other series/movies from them : 

Bias has also been noted if any.

ALSO I only take into account if I like them in TV show roles as I don't check every single one to check if they're good people (but also a lot I do),,,,basically please dont hit me XD

Ell101t Jan 24, 2019
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