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Cornchips Mar 29, 2019
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  • Yoon Eun Hye

    South Korean

    Remember i put Joo Ji Hoon on my top list fave actor. Nah, this is his pair, i love this tandem! Her acting just wow, she's very well suited as a Chae Kyung in Princess Hours. 

  • Ivy Chen


    I watched lot of his films and series. But the most i love is his acting in hear me played as a deaf girl. Thums up for her acting!

  • Vicki Zhao


    Who doesn't know her? Chinese goddess actress, beauty all the time. Shaolin Soccer, So Close, My Fair Princess & Romance in The Rain! I like those!

  • Im Soo Jung

    South Korean

    She appeared in I'm Cyborg, but that's okay featuring with Bi Rain, I'm Sorry I Love You ft. So Ji Sub, Come Rain Come Shine ft. Hyun Bin and Chicago Type Writer ft. Yoo Ah in. Now you know she's top actress. But the most i love is her acting in All About My Wife, maybe i have kinda relate with the story but she's acting like a pro, i mean every woman be like that in the case like in the film.

  • Lee Young Ae

    South Korean

    Jang Geum! She is acting very pro so i'm into it, i feel like i was taken to the past in Joseon era.

  • Song Hye Kyo

    South Korean

    People will kill me if i forget about her >.< Yeah i like her as a Han Ji Eun in Full House and as a Yun in Autumn in My Heart

  • Shin Min Ah

    South Korean

    Mi Ho~~~ I love her acting in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. Even my mom was crying while watching this

  • Jun Ji Hyun

    South Korean

    I love her acting in Sassy Girl! 

  • Park Bo Young

    South Korean

    Here come from Korean actress again. I need to watch more J-drama or C-drama. I like her acting in Hot Young Blood, she is famous for his cuteness but she can act as a fierce girl in that movie, wow!

  • Moon Geun Young

    South Korean

    Honestly i don't have a plan to include her in my list. But when i remember her crying scene in Autumn in My Heart i give 4/5. Second, i remember her acting in Cinderella's Step Sister wow he turns into fierce and cruel girl. Third, i remember again her acting in My Little Bride as a cute and lively bride girl. Omg, her acting just like roller coaster and i give thums up for that.