Top 10+ Favorite Korean Drama or Movie Actress!

If they are in my Top 10+ you will understand why after reading my comments on each actress!  This list may change after I see a Drama Series or Movie.     These are the actors I deem my favorites, actress that I believe have skills in one or more with vocals, dancing, acting, martial arts, singing, romance and does their own stunts.  

JaZee Jae Nov 23, 2019
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  • Ha Ji Won

    South Korean

    Ha Ji Won is known to be an athletic actress who knows kendo, martial arts, and sword fighting to name a few. Dubbed as an "action queen," she's used to playing her own stunts in order to deliver her roles more realistically.   Wow... this is what I love!   An actress that can do her own stunts and knows Martial Arts...  

  • Bae Suzy

    South Korean

    This actress is powerful.  Have you seen her muscles?   You can tell she is taking care of herself body wise.   I have viewed her in Gu Family Book, While You Were Sleeping, and Vagabond.   For me, the best two with the romance chemistry are with Lee Seung Gi but then with Hyun Bin in While You Were Sleeping was also good but not like the other two.    

  • Park Min Young

    South Korean

    Another powerful and strong actress!