Cha Seung Won

Favorite Actors with notes as to what dramas/movies I have watched them in

Not ranked in any order, except Jang Hyuk is my number one!!!

Emmacat Aug 13, 2019
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  • Jang Hyuk

    South Korean

    Merchant at Gaekju, Tree with Deep Roots, Fated to Love You,  Shine or Go Crazy,  Money Flower,  Chuno, Midas, Voice,  My Country

  • Song Seung Heon

    South Korean

    When a man loves, East of Eden, My Princess, Autumn Tale

  • Jo In Sung

    South Korean

    That Winter The Winds Blows,   Its OK, That's Love,  The Classic,  Frozen Flower

  • So Ji Sub

    South Korean

    Oh My Venus, Terius Behind me, Road Number One

  • Lee Byung Hun

    South Korean

    Mr Sunshine, IRIS

  • Park Shi Hoo

    South Korean

    Princess' Man, My Golden Life, Tower of Babel

  • Lee Jong Suk

    South Korean

    While you were sleeping, I can hear your voice,  Dr Stranger, Romance is a Bonus book

  • Vin Zhang


    The King's Woman

  • Luo Jin


    Princess Wei Young

  • Feng Shao Feng


    Story of Ming Lan

  • Park Hae Jin

    South Korean

    East of Eden, Dr Stranger

  • Kim Jae Wook

    South Korean

    Her Private Life

  • Won Bin

    South Korean

    Autmn Tale

  • Yoon Kye Sang

    South Korean

    Chocolate, Road Number One

  • Yoo Ji Tae

    South Korean

    Good Wife.  He was outstanding in the series. 

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