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Yisa Yu
Yisa Yu.jpg
Yu Yingxia 郁英霞

(1983-10-23) 23 October 1983 (age 38)
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Years active2005–present
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese郁可唯
Musical career
Also known asYu Kewei
LabelsRock Records (2009–2017)
HIM International Music(2017–present)

Yisa Yu or Yu Kewei (Chinese: 郁可唯; pinyin: Yù Kěwéi; born 23 October 1983), is a Chinese singer. She started out singing in bars and participated in several singing competitions. Her career took off after she achieved fourth place nationally in the 2009 season of Hunan TV's Super Girl. Her fans are called Yu jin xiang (郁金香), which means "tulip"; personally named by Yisa.[1]

Early life[edit]

Yu was born on 23 October 1983 as Yu Yingxia (Chinese: 郁英霞) in Chengdu, Sichuan to parents working in the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group. She studied English Language at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She briefly took singing lessons at the insistence of her father but failed to complete.[2] At college, Yu took part in a national singing competition for college students and defeated Li Yuchun to take the gold award.[3]


After her graduation, Yu worked in a company for a few months before leaving to become a singer at the famous Lianhua fudi music bar.[1] During that time and before the 2009 Super Girl, She recorded several original songs and released three cover albums.[4]

In 2005 Yu auditioned, and failed, for the Chengdu Super Girl competition. The following year she auditioned again, only to fail once more. Not content with the result, she traveled to Guangzhou to enter the local competition, where she reached the last 20 before being eliminated. Her third try, in 2009, finally landed her among the winners at Chengdu to qualify to the national Super Girl.[1] There she won the first game of the top ten to feature on the cover of Elle magazine and in the Cover Girls compilation album released by the competition.[5] Then she was able to reach the top four before being eliminated.[6]

Soon after the competition ended, Yu was invited to record the theme song for The King of Milu Deer, China's first 3D animated film.[7] Then she became the first of her Super Girl peers to be selected by a label, when she signed with Rock Records on 8 December 2009. The Taiwanese label immediately announced that they have assembled a team of top producers to work on her first original album.[8] That album was released in May 2010, titled Blue Shorts.[9] In the latter part of the year she featured on the OST of the hit Taiwanese drama The Fierce Wife, and took part in a series of concerts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Rock Records.[10]

In 2011 Yu was nominated for the 22nd Golden Melody Award in the "Best New Artist" category. That caused controversy however, as she had cover albums released in mainland China before 2010, which would make her ineligible for the "new artist" category if they were released in Taiwan.[4][11] She was eventually disqualified.[12] In a statement, she respected the decision of the judge panels and said: "I would like to thank the Golden Melody Awards for the recognition the judges have given me. Although I was disqualified, it has inspired me to work harder in the future."[13]

Yu's second album, Wei Jia Xing Fu (meaning "add a little happiness"), was released in June 2011.[14] She continued the collaboration with big names in Taiwanese music. The most prominent was famous rocker Wu Bai.[15][16] Several songs from this album were featured on the sound track of yet another popular drama, Office Girls.

The summer of 2012 saw the release of a third album, Lost Love.[17] One of the songs (幸福難不難/"Happiness is hard") was also the theme song for the movie version of The Fierce Wife, which was released around the same time. In 2020, she participated in Sisters Who Make Waves.


Album # Title Released date Label
1st Blue Shorts(蓝短裤) 5 May 2010 Rock Records Pte Ltd
2nd Add a Little Happiness (微加幸福) 30 June 2011 Rock Records Pte Ltd
3rd Lost Love (失恋事小) 23 July 2012 Rock Records Pte Ltd
4th Warm Water (温水) 25 June 2014 Rock Records Pte Ltd
5th 00:00 27 December 2016 Rock Records Pte Ltd
6th Walking by the World (路過人間) 10 May 2019 HIM International Music Inc.

Movie/drama soundtracks[edit]

Year Title Movie/Drama
2013 "Time Boils the Rain" (时间煮雨) Tiny Times
2016 "To Ask the Moon" (问明月)[18] Legend of Nine Tails Fox

Cover albums[edit]

First two albums were released under her real name, Yu Ying Xia (郁英霞).

Album # Title Released date Label
1st Paramount (百乐门) 7 April 2008 Shenzhen Co.
2nd Cabaret (茴香小酒馆)
(a.k.a. Fennel Bistro)
19 September 2008 Shenzhen Co.
3rd So Charmed Yu's Sound! (郁音绕梁) 3 September 2009 Guangdong Audio-Visual Press


Year Award Category Nomination Ref
2010 Music Radio China Top Chart Awards
(Music Radio中国TOP排行榜)
Best New Artist – Mainland Yu Kewei [19]
2010 Sina Music 2010 Year Review
Newcomer of the Year – Mainland Yu Kewei [20]
2010 Sina Music 2010 Year Review
Most promising album – Mainland Blue Shorts [21]
2011 Hunan TV – Baidu Entertainment Boiling Point
(湖南卫视 百度娱乐沸点)
Hottest Mainland Newcomer Yu Kewei
2012 3rd MY Astro Music Awards
(MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼)
Best breakthrough international female singer Yisa Yu
2012 3rd MY Astro Music Awards
(MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼)
Best original song for TV Hope (from The Fierce Wife)
2012 Global Chinese Music Awards
Top 20 Hit of the Year Hao Peng You Zhi Shi Peng You [22]
2012 2012 TVB8 Golden Music Awards
Top Ten Golden Melodies Shi Lian Shi Xiao [23]
2012 20th China Music Awards
Songs of the Year Shi Lian Shi Xiao [24]


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