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                                        Zhong Ji Yi Ban In A Nutshell                                          


Zhong Ji Yi Ban is a Taiwanese television series comprised of 10 different yet connected storylines occurring in different dimensions. Most of which focus on The Ultimate Class in Ba Le high school, a class for delinquents and high school rejects. These delinquents possess magical prowesses that help them fight forces of evil from dimension to dimension. I won't necessarily get into each storyline because then it defeats the purpose of the "nutshell" tag, but I will give a sort of beginners guide on the Zhong Ji Yi Ban series. 

                                                                ˗ˏˋThe Ultimate Classˎˊ˗                                                                       

Zhong Ji Yi Ban literally translates to "The Ultimate Class". Most Zhong Ji Yi Ban plot storylines center around the Ultimate Class, with The X-Family, The X-Dormitory, and Angel 'N' Devil being the only exceptions. The Ultimate Class centers around a special class of delinquents. Most of which have special abilities they use to save their dimensions from evil forces. The most notable leaders of Zhong Ji Yi Ban are Wang Da Dong (PB Jiro Wangand Lei Ting (PB Pets Tseng.) Most Zhong Ji Yi ban storylines take place in the Gold dimension.

                                                                            ˗ˏˋCharacters ˎˊ˗                                                                            

Wang Da Dong, Xia tian, Ye Yu Ce, Zack
Lei Ting, Ye Yu Xiang, Jie Ke,  Xia Ci
Gu Zhan, Gou Zhui, Huang Zhong, Cang Qiong
Zhi Ge, Ye Sheng, Da Wei
Qui Qui, Xia Feng, Long Nu
Jin Bao San, Jiang Gan, Ren Chen Wen
Duang Chen Ren, Hei Long, Ye Si Ren, Ri Yin Wang
Zhi Shui, Ah Tian

Typically, the Cast is the same recurrent group taking up different personas for every dimension or season. The casts do change with new additions usually added for every season as the casts tend to come and go. But if you watch the series, you will notice that the characters above tend to be the most recurrent. 

                                                                      ˗ˏˋThe Dimensions ˎˊ˗                                                                       

The Gold dimension
The Iron Dimension
The Silver Dimension
The Bronze Dimension

The Zhong Ji Yi Ban series consists of 12 dimensions, with us only being shown 5 dimensions so far. The Gold dimension is the most recurrent one as KO One (2005), KO One Return (2012), KO One Re-act (2013)KO One Remember (2016) and KO One Re-call (2018) all take place in this dimension.  

A Dimensional Bus exists that travels through all the 12 dimensions. The bus travels at the speed of light, but for regular people will come off as being slow. A Space-Time door exists as well that separates the 12 dimensions from each other but also keeps them in contact. Yi Neng users must have a battle index of over 8000 points in order to cross the door between dimensions.

The Gold Dimension
The Iron Dimension
The Silver Dimension
The Bronze Dimension
X-family12Gui Long


In every dimension, most characters have their own alternative counterpart. Which is why often the same cast member will appear in multiple series but usually playing a different persona. 

                                                         ˗ˏˋWeapons and special effectsˎˊ˗                                                        

In Zhong Ji Yi Ban, it exists two types of people. Yi Neng users, or power users, and muggles, or powerless humans. Yi Neng users are human individuals born with supernatural abilities that help them enhance their street-fighting skills. Their abilities can improve over time through training. Most abilities that are seen in Zhong Ji Yi Ban are superspeed, telepathic communication as well as musical intelligence that help advance their powers. Most members of the Ultimate class possess special abilities which come with weapons. With their abilities, they strengthen their powers and fight against threats, evil power users,  in each dimension. Battle points exist followed by a KO Ranking Chart, a ranking system created by the Martial Arts Syndicate made to seek out potential warriors. The chart changes for every dimension.

                                                                          ˗ˏˋSoundtrack ˎˊ˗                                                                             


Zhong Ji Yi Ban is an idol drama, in the sense, that most of the original soundtracks were sung by the idols who starred on the show. Fahrenheit, Dong Cheng Wei, Red Generation, Wu Hu Jiang, Champion, SpeXial, and A'N'D are amongst the groups. 

                                                                     ˗ˏˋThe Weird Stuff                                                                              

 Zhong Ji Yi Ban has to be one of the weirdest series I've ever come across in all of the Asian dramas so far. The way that certain scenes are edited and the out of the box comedic ideas are exclusive - from cross-dressing, sexy bromance scenes, to random face touching scenes. The screenwriter(s) of this series really went all and out with creativity. Everything flows well and is very dual in the sense that comedic scenes aid to the storyline and help build, as well as, decrease suspense as a transitioning effect.

                                                                         ?Final Thoughts¿                                                                              

Overall, I love the Zhong Ji Yi Ban series. I really hope it never ends or at least the X-Family 2 should come out. It was what got me hooked into Asian dramas when I first watched KO One Re-act, and since then I've been following up on the Zhong Ji series 5 years so far. My journey with the series has been an enjoyable one so far with moments of laughter, bits of tears and frustration. There were times when I felt some scenes were not needed or when I had burnouts, but on the positive side, this series is very creative and unique. I ended up finding two characters I became attached to. Qui Qui, the cutie of the show and Jin Bao San, the laughter bot. My favourite dramas out of the series would have to be the X-Family because of its amazing rewatch value and Angel 'N' Devil for the amazing life lessons. I totally recommend this series if you like binge-watching Asian dramas, enjoy comedy or are looking for something light to watch.

And it's a wrap! 

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