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Closing Remarks with Run On (2020)

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As the beloved winter drama from JTBC "Run On" watched by many fans worldwide, comes to an end, here is what the main cast had to say about this wonderful production: 

"You don't have to always overcome everything." - Oh Mi Joo

Shin Se Kyung commented, “She’s strong and overflowing with confidence, but when she starts having feelings for someone she becomes a different person. I found that side of her really cute,” she said. “I’m feeling satisfaction while acting in her role. It was fun to work as a translator in the drama.” 

"Call out to someone who can be here for you from now on, 

whenever you are sick or struggling." - Ki Seon Gyeom

Im Shi Wan said, "I didn’t avoid the genre on purpose. I enjoy the excitement I feel taking part in a production with plenty of sweet and heart-fluttering moments. The lines in the script are very skillful and full of flavor. I was drawn in even more after realizing that the flow of conversation was very similar to real life. Ki Sun Kyum is also not your typical character. Although he says strange things sometimes and doesn’t show much interest in others, he can’t hold back when he sees injustice. I liked that he feels like a three-dimensional character.” 

(Translations source: Soompi, quotes source: JTBC)

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"The desire to see your painting and the desire to see you contradict each other. 

Even if Monet and Picasso were still alive, I still would've chosen you..." - Seo Dan Ah

Choi Soo Young commented, "Although she’s intelligent and has a sense of responsibility, she has to deal with having been pushed down the line of succession just for being female. Although she carries out her duties perfectly, I think she keeps in mind that she’s still an inexperienced adult. Of all the goodhearted crazy people, I think she’s the most normal. It was a joy getting to act in a drama with the new year as well as greeting viewers with the release of a film coming up. “Run On” deals with the youth, love, and lives of women and young adults who are good at what they do.” She continued, “There are times when I feel like a drama is based on assumptions of what young people must be like. But ‘Run On’ is a drama that really embodies the sentiments of those in their twenties and thirties by using the language we speak and the worries we think about. It was a piece that was possible because the writer spent her youth in the same generation like us. The actors were able to understand this and act accordingly, so I think the resulting chemistry was good.” 

"Just let that time go. Don't try to grab on something you can't." - Lee Young Hwa 

Kang Tae Oh said, "When I first saw the script, it gave off such a warm and sweet feeling, like cotton candy. The vision in my head was so beautiful. Since the director is friends with someone who is an artist, I learned how to use various art tools. Although not as much as Seo Dan Ah, Lee Young Hwa is honest and has good interpersonal skills. I think his charm is that he shows various sides of himself depending on who he’s with. There are parts where we’re similar and parts where we’re different, but I think I’m friendly like Young Hwa. Something that’s different would be that I can’t approach someone first when we meet for the first time. Once we get close, then I’m energetic like Young Hwa. I don’t think I act very cute. I get embarrassed. I think I’m like him about 58 percent. My favorite scene is the one where, after he kisses Dan Ah, all the emotions he’d buried come up and he cries. It was a twist, and it also showed Young Hwa’s innocence and charm.”

(Translations source: Soompi, here and here quotes source: JTBC)

(Photo source:  JTBC)

Available with English subtitles: Netflix

Now the fun part truly beginnings!

My two most favorite scenes from this series are the following:

  A birthday party gone wrong... 

(Meanwhile, Seon Gyeom  and Mi Joo stare lovingly at each other with heart eyes)

(The first 3 GIF images source: mercurialhigh on Tumblr and the following ones are from dingyuxi on Tumblr)

Major visual spoilers ahead! While the song "Sorry" by 2F 

(Shin Yong Jae & Kim Won Joo) plays in the background:

"The spilling summer heat
Our nights when we couldn’t be apart I remember it

Our fluttering hearts
Grow bigger as the seasons go

The reason I could endure through long days
If you feel the same as me

I’m sorry
There are so many happy moments
That I’m filled with you
To the point where I can’t handle it
I’m sorry but I need to love you right now

I’m filled with you endlessly
When I feel happy because of you
I don’t know why but I get nervous

I try to go with the flow but
You’ve grown so big in my life
Is this love?..."

(English lyrics source: Popgasa and official music video source: 1theK (원더케이)  on YouTube)

The second favorite scene I picked is:  Running towards where you are...

(GIF image and quote source: belsmultifandommess on Tumblr)

"Gosh. They’re so mean. They could’ve waited for me.
But I did. I waited until I could see you.

See how the actors really look like from behind the scenes:

(Photos source: Soompi)

Did you enjoy this slice of life series all the way to the end? 

If so, what were your most favorite scenes?

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Wishing all the best to everyone! These photos are from Unrequited Love (2021)

"The sparkle of the lights doesn't shine bright just like you."

(Photos and quote source: WeTV Philippines on Twitter)

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