by 8967777, May 21, 2021

Yuko Araki  and  Nakagawa Taishi confirmed to be leads in the upcoming NTV/YTV drama Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita

Yuko Araki  and Nakagawa Taishi recently confirmed offers to lead an upcoming unlikely romance based Japanese drama tentatively titled "Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita" (literal title, I Fell in Love With My Murderous Intention). The said series will be helmed by Hoshino Kazunari and Horai Tadaaki while the script was penned by Tokunaga Yuichi who was also the screenwriter for the Japanese remake "Good Doctorand "Nobunaga Concerto." 

Nakagawa Taishi will play the role of Onotora Shu who had no idea that his foster father is a legendary professional killer. However, Taishi's daily life dramatically changes after his foster father was murdered. Taishi takes over the family business, becoming a hitman in order to avenge his foster father. Meanwhile, Yuko Araki will be the heroine of the series named Narumiya Mitsuki.

Nakagawa Taishi is an actor, host, and model who gained fame in dramas "Kaseifu no Mita," "Minami-kun no Koibito," and "Great Teacher Onizuka." He made his acting debut in the 2009 TV documentary "When I Was a Child" where he played the role of young Sawamura Ikki.

Araki Yuko is an exclusive model for the Non-no magazine and an actress who had her first leading role in the 2008 romantic horror film Ikari o Nagero, she also starred on other high rating films and series such as "100-manen no Onna-tachi," "Code Blue," "Confessions," and "Kaze no Tayori."

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