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"You Are My Springfinally reveals its relationships chart!

Attention: This article might contain spoilers for this drama!

The first photo presents the main leads of the series: Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu Ri. Seo Hyun Jin is back to the acting stage as Kang Da Jung, a 34-year-old hotel concierge manager with hidden scars. She has a weird and complicated bond with Joo Young Do (Kim Dong Wook), an experienced psychiatrist. Chae Joon (Yoon Park) portrays a mysterious CEO of an investment company that has a burning but one-sided crush on Kang Da Jung. As for Nam Gyu Ri, she transforms for the role of Ahn Ga Young, as a glamourous actress.

The people around Kang Da Jung are none other than her family members and friends. Her mother, Moon Mi Ran, is portrayed by the veteran actress Oh Hyun Kyung and her younger brother, Kang Tae Jung, is played by Kang Hoon. Meanwhile, Park Ye Ni will have the role of Heo Yoo Kyung, one of Kang Da Jung’s co-workers, while Kim Ye Won is Kang Da Jung’s friend, Park Eun Ha, who manages a coffee shop with Park Chul Do (Han Min).

Another veteran actress, Baek Hyun Joo takes the role of Joo Young Do’s mother, Oh Mi Kyung, who is a hard-working nurse. Next to Joo Young Do, there will be two main detectives Go Jin Bok (Lee Hae Young) and Park Ho (Yoon Ji On), co-operating with them in various situations. His friends are only a few, but quite loyal: Chun Seung Won (Kim Seo Kyung), a producing director working at a broadcasting station, and Seo Ha Neul (Ji Seung Hyun), a veterinarian.

I'm already smelling lots of intriguing and thrilling plot twists in this huge Korean production!

Here is the original relationship chart written in Korean, from TvN!

(Official photos source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

You Are My Spring (2021) will begin airing on July 5th, every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix!

What are your thoughts on this casting lineup?  Are you eagerly awaiting this drama, as well?

(Official photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Here is a lovely greeting from Yoo Yeon Seok! 

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(Official photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

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