by Dojemi10, June 25, 2020

Korean actor Woo Do Hwan has reportedly received his military enlistment date, and will join the military.

Woo Do Hwan will enlist in active duty on July 6th, and will continue his acting activities after completing his military duties.

A few weeks ago, the actor was offered the male lead role in the upcoming OCN drama Hero, but due to his mandatory military service he will have to turn down offers and is expected to continue after he completes his service.

The actor is the type of person who writes handwritten letters to those people who are special to him, he announced the news through a letter addressing his fans and posted on his Instagram account.



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Hello. This is Woo Do Hwan.

You may be surprised by the sudden news, but I am writing this letter because I wanted to personally announce this to my fans first.

I am enlisting as an active duty soldier on July 6. I feel apologetic for not being able to directly meet you and say goodbye.

I was happy while doing every project I was in thanks to the overflowing love everyone gave me.

Thank you for watching over my 20s and loving me. Thanks to that, I was able to spend my 20s very happily.

I hope that you will be healthy and happy during these difficult times. I will return in good health and work to impress once again.

I love you so much and feel so thankful that I cannot express it fully in words.

June 24, 2020.

From, Woo Do Hwan.

His talent agency Keyeast also released a statement regarding the actor’s enlistment.  

Hello. This is Keyeast.

Keyeast’s actor Woo Do Hwan is enlisting on July 6, 2020.

Due to safety and health reasons, the location and time of his enlistment will not be revealed. He will enlist privately without any official event involving fans nor a press conference.

We ask you to support him so that he can safely fulfill his military duty.

Thank you.

Celebrity friends like Kim Go Eun, Jung Il Woo and Kim Yong Ji had expressed mixed reactions...

Kim Go Eun (@ggonekim) ? ... 

Woo Do Hwan (@wdohwan) Please don't cry ㅠㅠㅠ

Jung Il Woo (@jilwww) Be safe !

Woo Do Hwan (@wdohwan) I’m going ! I’ll contact you hyung 

Kim Yong Ji (@demi_kimee) Teacher Do..... 

Woo Do Hwan (@wdohwan) Please stay healthy

Woo Do Hwan had his acting debut in 2011 in the Korean drama, Come, Come, Absolutely ComeThe actor is best known for his main roles in two 2017 television series, OCN's Save Me and KBS2's Mad Dog.  He shone brightest in the SBS series The King: Eternal Monarch where he showed an outstanding performance playing two polarizing roles and emerged as the next generation actor.

Please keep safe and healthy during your service and we will highly anticipate your comeback!

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