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This time I've prepared an article with Winter dramas recommendations with a 

purple theme will surely warm you up. You'll understand what I mean if you 

will see the posters I selected.  

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{Loosely inspired Inspired by Mio's article Spring Season With Chinese Dramas,

 my recent Premiere Reminder article and my previous winter editorial}.

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

(English poster source:

What I loved in this drama, what the intriguing way the course of events took place while having premonitory dreams about future situations that were yet to happen. This tale's moral is: no matter how small an action is, it has the power to change the flow of one's life. Not to mention the unforgettable soundtracks winch are still ringing in my ears from time to time, combined with a truly amazing cast and gorgeous cinematography.

You can watch this story with English subtitles at Viki.


2017 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2017

Best Actor (Wednesday & Thursday drama) (Lee Jong Suk)

Best Actress (Wednesday & Thursday drama) (Bae Suzy)

Excellent Actor (Wednesday & Thursday drama) (Lee Sang Yeob)

Best Supporting Actor (Kim Won Hae)

Best Couple Award (Lee Jong Suk & Bae Suzy)

(Source: AsianWiki)

Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019)

(English poster source:

What I really loved about this story was the acting, the choreography, the most touching soundtracks, and the cast that's for sure...All in all, the basic concept of this drama is quite unique: ballet intertwined with romance. The moral of this tale: if you try to open up your heart and soul little by little, you will be able to see many things from a different perspective, while Someone is guiding you along the way, from Above.

You can watch this story with English subtitles at Viki.


2019 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2019

Best Actress (Shin Hye Sun)

Best New Actor (Kim Myung Soo)

Best Couple Award (Kim Myung Soo Shin Hye Sun)

K-Drama Hanryu Star Award (Kim Myung Soo)

(Source: AsianWiki)

Where Stars Land (2018) 

(English poster source:

What I loved about this drama is the fact that's the first Korean production to ever take on a  quite sensible and maybe a  controversial subject for some people, that's disability while transforming it into a tale that concentrates on social behaviours, scars, dreams, but also the warmth that comes with the healing process. The moral behind this story is: don't let your flaws overshadow your capabilities and do not forget that someone will love you even if you might feel you are not enough for them! You are able to shine through, even more, when you strive for something. The whole cast even received global recognition for their hard work, making it a tale even more memorable than ever before.

You can watch this story with English subtitles at Viki and SBS World on YouTube.


2018 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2018

Best Drama Award

Best Actor (Monday-Tuesday drama) (Lee Je Hoon)

Excellent Actress (Monday-Tuesday drama) (Chae Soo Bin)

(Source: AsianWiki)

Thirty But Seventeen (2018)

(English poster source:

If you are looking for a story with a progressive storyline, well-selected cast and filled with moments that will make laugh and cry like there's no tomorrow, then this story is the one you've been longing to find! This tale's moral is: live to the fullest each day and do not let your past keep you trapped! Learn to properly look at your wounds and let to time heal them away... 

You can watch this story with English subtitles at Viki and SBS World on YouTube.


2018 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2018

Best Actress (Monday-Tuesday drama) (Shin Hye Sun)

Excellent Actor (Monday-Tuesday drama) (Yang Se Jong)

Best Supporting Actress (Ye Ji Won)

Best New Actor (Ahn Hyo Seop)

Best Youth Actor & Actress (Park Si Eun)

(Source: AsianWiki)

My Holo Love (2020)

(English poster source:

If you are looking for a short melodrama romance story, that's intertwined with science fiction and a high levelled multitasking technology incorporated in an ultra-modern three-dimensional hologram that has a polar opposite personality in a contrasting light with that of his lookalike creator, then you come to the right place. Built-up with a  solid cast and filled with a genius programmer's adventures that will make stay glued to your seats because of the suspenseful events that occur along the way. The moral of this story is:  every lie or hidden conspiracies are bound to be revealed in one or another, no matter how far someone tries to escape or hideaway!

You can watch this drama with English subtitles on Netflix.

Do You Like Brahms? (2020) 

(English poster source:

If you are a lover of classical music, that comes along with a good slow-burn romance and a tipsy of a great melodrama interpreted by a young and promising castwhile the story will be emphasized by a gorgeous collection of original instrumentalist tracks being sung by world-renowned Asian artists, then this one is for you! The moral of the story is: don't let anyone stop you, from reaching your true and passionate dreams! Even you happen to fall down, don't stop and continue to march forward! You can read more information about this drama in my previous article.

You can watch this story with English subtitles at Viki


2020 SBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2020 

Best Actress (Park Eun Bin)

Excellent Actor (Kim Min Jae)

Best Couple Award (Kim Min Jae & Park Eun Bin)

(Source: AsianWiki)

True Beauty (2020)

(English poster source:

 An exciting webtoon adaptation with a lively cast, came your way, starting on the 9th of December!

This story is now available with English subtitles at Viki

Lovestruck in the City (2020)

(First poster source: Soompi)

A lovely and youthful romantic web drama is coming soon at your door, 

since the 22nd of December!

Where this story will be available with English subtitles: Netflix.

More information about the second official poster can be found at Soompi.

Here is the proof for s sweet romance like honey!

(GIF images credit goes to: so-mun on Tumblr) | (Official trailer source in the 1st GIF: The Swoon, Netflix)

She Would Never Know (2021)

“Work and romance: do both of these things with me, sunbae 

[a term of address for a senior colleague].”

(First poster source:  Soompi) 

Won Jin Ah will finally return to the small screen with a much-awaited office romance story, adapted from a popular web novel from 2017! This drama will start airing since 18th of January 2021!  More details can be found at Soompi and here.

(Note: For me, her most outstanding role, was actually in Just Between Lovers (2017), and I still can't believe to this day, that it was the very first drama she starred in, because she left a powerful impression with her acting skills, for many people, while Ro Woon will finally return to the acting stage after his most notable role in Extraordinary You (2019).

Destiny's Love (2019)

(Poster source:

And will this guardian of fate choose to follow the hard path of his duty or the ever-changing road of love that he can't seem to escape from? 

Follow his adventures on Viki and iQyi to find out the answer.

This a fantasy romance tale worthy of trying at least once in a lifetime!

Twisted Fate of Love (2020)

(English poster source:

If you are interested in a long run drama with history and romance, embroidered with astonishing cinematography,  pleasant soundtracks, strong characters, good storyline with lots of action scenes and suspense, then this one is for you. To see how their course of fate takes form, you can watch this story with English subtitles at:

WeTV, Fresh Drama on YouTube, Viki and 

捷成华视 —偶像剧场 Idol & Romance on YouTube.

Eternal Love Rain (2020)

(English poster source:

Did you ever wondered or wanted to know more about the Chinese folk tales that include various adventures and myths with dragons?  Well, now is your chance to find out, because this light fantasy romance drama was slightly based on those Ancient folk tales.

 Find out how the journey of a dragon prince, who was banished from his realm and forced to live among humans will end, at: iQyi.

Be With You (2020)

(Poster source:

You are in need of a light romantic-comedy drama good for the weekend? 

Then you came to the right place. This story has all the sweet elements you expect: a  great casta slow but good paced screenplay with multiple couples and most of all some adorable pets, In short, this drama will make you feel fuzzy and warm all over. 

The episodes are currently being subbed in English at: 

WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube.

From the screenwriter Zhou Miao

who also brought us the wonderful drama  About Is Love (2018).

You Complete Me (2020)

(English poster source:  WeTV Philippines on Twitter)

These smiles are so warm and fuzzy, that would make anyone fall in love...

But, as they say, do not let the first impression fool you, because some warm actions can hide a much darker agenda. This is not your ordinary kind of a modern romance drama, because it tells an intense and suspenseful love story that hides behind a web filled with conspiracy, deceit and hatred intertwined with a long time thirst for revenge. Will the truth manage to surface in the end? And will their love be enough to keep them together? 

Find out the answers, by watching the episodes with English subtitles 

currently being added at: Viki, WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube.

The final touches of this article: 

A gorgeous official still image from Twisted Fate of Love (2020) 

and two music videos, one favorite soundtrack, 

and a gorgeous throwback scene as a countdown towards the New Year...

Major visual spoilers ahead! Even the official soundtrack is a golden masterpiece

Opening Theme: Twisted Fate of Love by Lala Hsu

(Official music video: 捷成华视—偶像剧场 Idol & Romance on YouTube)

 (Photo source:

Song: Sleepless by Epitone Project (Vocal by YOUNHA), 

featuring the actor Kim Seon Ho | English Lyrics: Popgasa.

(Official video and photo source: 1theK (원더케이) on YouTube)

Here is one cute video: 

The best of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho's bromance in Start-Up

(Source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Major visual spoilers ahead! My favorite soundtrack right now is:

Run To You by Band LUCY OST Part 1 from Run On (2020)

(Official music video source: 1theK (원더케이)  on YouTube)

"When I was lost and wandering
In that unknown place
When I felt so alone
And was waiting for someone

There was another person, who resembled me and also lost
I coincidentally met you
In that moment, my sleeping sky
Opened its eyes to your star

Right now, run to you
To where you are, I’m running
Yes, I need you
Since the day I met you, you are my everything..."

(English lyrics source: Popgasa)

Here is a throwback with Kim Yoo Jung's most

touching dance scene from Love in the Moonlight (2016):

(GIF images source:  |  (Video source in the 1st GIF: KBS Drama on YouTube)

Here is one interesting article from Soompi for everyone to read:

"Team Good Boy: 8 Dramas To Watch If You’re Already Missing Kim Seon Ho In “Start-Up”

Bonus video:  Follow your dreams | According to Korean Dramas.

(Source: The Swoon, Netflix)

(Drawing source: Deviant Art)

A bonus recommendation: Forever Love (2020)

(Photo source: Weibo)

Where it's currently being subbed in English: 

Viki, Tencent Video on YouTube and WeTV.

Some beautiful slow-motion scenes from Run On (2020)

(GIF images credit goes to: once-upon-a-drama on Tumblr)

Gorgeous Dilraba Dilmurat in an Amelica Casablanca dress 

designed with roses for #TencentVideoAllStarNight2020  

(Last photo source: Weibo)

Here are "The 8 Best K-Drama Couples Of 2020" according to Soompi.

Your favorite dramas of 2020 | Swoonies’ Choice Awards

(Source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Ji Chang Wook pulls Kim Ji Won out of the crowd.

(Source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Happy and warm Holidays to everyone! 

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