by HappySqueak, December 25, 2017

From the makers of sleeping bags… just kidding, puffy and super padded winter coats are the latest apparel trend for wintry fashion in many areas in South Korea. Charcoal Black color coats are the most trendiest to sport but there does some to be other colors available! 

With some coats price points upward of $400 - $500 or more, and retailers in low supply; these sought after winter coats are consistently in high demand especially amongst High School students and College students. Although anyone can really sport this fashionable coat if they are able to find one.

Here is a look back on some previous winter wear apparel trends as showcased in K-Dramas.

Love Rain 

Thick and oversized winter coats seemed to be a statement trend for the snowy locations seen in this opposites attract Drama. The cast certainly looks warm here and dressed for the elements.

That Winter, the Wind Blows

A mix of heavier coats for the snowy areas, then some smooth and slick wool/cashmere coats for the more milder locations. If you're in the mood for a brooding melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows is only 16 episodes and ready to binge! 

As for the Popular Padded Winter Coat

Remember Kdrama Pinocchio from back in 2014? Lee Jong Suk and  Park Shin Hye sported this style, so in that regard, it has been out for awhile but is perhaps now picking up steam amongst consumers. Could this drama have been one of the inspirations for this trend?  I think padded coats have been here and there seasonally making an appearance and then disappearing for years. All it could take is the right celebrity to set off the fashion mayhem and then everyone must have one.

Can we expect to see more of this style in upcoming 2018 dramas and throughout the New Year? Very likely as stylists will continue to implement what is popular while sourcing out the next ‘big fashion must have’ for the next batch of drama characters. 

South Korea is often always on top of the Fashion market, but their admirable sense of style and trend also migrates to other Asian countries as well! And for wherever you might be, perhaps you can also expect to see ultra-padded puff winter coats if you reside in cold climate areas all within the next couple years. 

I will miss the swanky look of wool and cashmere trench or fitted long coats. There was something very dapper and classy about these styles of wintry coats. However while stylish, they might not be very practical or warm for extremely cold days.

One thing is for certain though a padded winter coat will indeed be very warm.

Where else have we seen it before??

Plus This:

= This?

I gotta admit though, this kiddo looks adorable modelling these winter coats.

Asian Boss covers this latest trend outlook on his channel:
*if video embed disappears here is the link:

And let's not forget couple matching! This cute practice between lovers could mean double the sales if shopping together.

Because trends appear to be very important in South Korea, it could be easy to feel left out or excluded even if people don’t express that opinion. Following the fold seems to be integrated into. And for those keen on a diverse fashion sense, this is where they would definitely stand out from the pack. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and how much of a style guru you like to be. 

While out shopping, I noticed some Department stores in my location (in Canada) there already seems to be some  'thin' and low budget versions of padded style winter coats on the rack. I didn't dare check out the price tags lol.

However, as I am of modest means I hit my local thrift shop and surprisingly found an actual Korean labelled style coat with a lightly padded style of squishy details. For only $16 which ain't too shabby and more within my budget! I decided to give it a try before passing my final verdict. And after standing outside in the snow to take some selfies, I too can now look like a stack of tires!! However, the coat was very warm even with just a t-shirt on underneath. The padded coat exceeded my expectations for staying warm, but I am still undecided on the overall appearance of the padding shapes.

2018 will bring us the latest fashion, hair and makeup trends via dramas, are you excited to see them? 

What do you think of padded winter coats? Warm? Funny? Unsightly?
Would you wear one?