by lo_ve, June 11, 2021

Wi Ha Joon will reportedly be added to the cast lineup of "Bad and Crazy"

Multiple sources shared on June 11th that Wi Ha Joon will play the role of K who is one of Lee Dong Wook’s multiple personality in the upcoming OCN drama "Bad and Crazy."

The actor's agency MSTeam Entertainment responded to the reports and shared that Wi Ha Joon is positively considering the casting offer.

"Bad and Crazy" will narrate the story of a a materialistic police detective who will change into someone who fights for justice against corruption alongside the hidden persona "K." The upcoming drama will be helmed by the director and writer of "The Uncanny Counter," Yoo Seon Dong PD and writer Kim Sae Bom.

Lee Dong Wook is confirmed to lead the drama and Han Ji Eun is currently reviewing the offer. 

The upcoming mystery and crime drama "Bad and Crazy" will air on OCN with 12 episodes. It will reportedly premiere later this year.

Wi Ha Joon made his acting debut in 2012. He is currently signed under MSTeam Entertainment as an actor and a model. 

The rising actor has participated in various dramas such as "My Golden Life," "Something in the Rain," "Matrimonial Chaos," "Romance is a Bonus Book," and more. He last appeared in the 2020 drama "18 Again" with main leads Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Lee Do Hyun. He is also part of the soon to air series such as Netflix's "Squid Game" and "Que Sera, Sera."

The actor will also join the upcoming films "Shark: The Beginning" with Kim Min Seok, Jung Won Chang, and Lee Hyun Wook. He is also included in the upcoming movie "Midnight" that will be released on June 30. 


Do you wish to see Wi Ha Joon as Lee Dong Wook's alternate personality?