by zia, November 29, 2017

Among the IOI members, one that caught my eye was Kim Sohye. Ever since Produce 101, I've never stopped loving her. When an article was released regarding her acting career, it made me really happy and proud that, finally, someone cast her to be in a drama. Not just a supporting role, but a lead role. And this drama is entitled Kang Deoksun's Love History. You can watch it on the official YouTube account of KBS World with English subtitles.

A brief summary of this drama: it is about Kang Duk Soon, a naive woman who inadvertently gets wrapped up in the independence movement after following a man she has a one-sided love for to Gyeongsang province, and how she grows through her experiences.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch

#1: It's Kim Sohye

Even if you're not a fan, I'm pretty sure you'll be curious about how will she act in her acting debut, since we all know that she came from an acting agency before she transferred. I'm telling you, I was pretty surprised by her acting. I know this is her first time, besides her cameo in Queen of the Ring. But go and give this a try and see how Kim Sohye shows off her acting skills.

#2: Her Cute Dialect

Surprisingly, in this drama, she used a dialect which I haven't heard before. Well, even if I had heard the dialect before, I wouldn't remember it because it's not rare to hear it in other historical dramas (for me). I'm proud that Sohye delivered her character well even if it was a bit awkward to hear her with this dialect. But I'm pretty sure she'll improve more if given the chance to act in other dramas.

#3: The Friendship

I can recall myself saying "aww" a lot of times because of this cute friendship they have, even though they started really rough. But as the drama goes on, you'd want to see more of them together and would want a happy ending for these two.

#4: Unpredictable Story

If you read the title "Love History", you'd somehow expect a romance in here. But I'm telling you, it gives you a different kind of love history. Personally, I was expecting a lot of romance going on but I'll stop here so that I won't give more spoilers. For me, this drama is a bit unpredictable.

#5: Kang Deoksun's Love

Somewhere in the drama, you'll be rooting for Deoksun to have a happy ending, at least, after all, she'd gone through just to find the love of her life.

I hope those reasons helped you. I'm actually writing this article to make you aware that this drama actually exists and that there are other drama specials that you should watch out for. This drama is about an hour long so if you've got time to spare, try this one out.

Thanks for reading!