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  Hello, fellow drama watchers!    In this article, Minarii and Shi will introduce you to the amazing medical drama Hospital Playlist and tell you why you should definitely give it a try! 

    SYNOPSIS:     A drama depicting the stories of people going through their days that seemingly ordinary but actually special, at the hospital, a place known as the microcosm of life - where someone is being born and someone's life meets their ending. The five doctors are long time friends of 20 years who started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school, and now they are colleagues in the same hospital. The drama will also deal with a story of a band formed by the group of doctors. (Source: Naver, translated by YeoNiverse) 
EPISODES: 12 (1h20min)NETWORK: tvN, Netflix
Lee Ik Jun
Ahn Jung Won
Kim Jun Wan
as Yang Suk 
Chae Song Hwa

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If you are familiar with Lee Woo Jung and Shin Won Ho's past projects (especially Prison Playbook), you probably know that their dramas have one of the most well-written characters out there. The characters in Hospital Playlist are all very intriguing, they have their flaws, but that's what makes them very realistic. As Shin Won Ho said, Hospital Playlist is ''a drama that people will easily be able to relate to, with a story about lives that aren’t so different from our own.” It's very easy to sympathize with the characters since they all feel like friends to you. You can cry, laugh with them, they can be your motivation and inspiration. And you know, the most amazing thing is that every character can inspire you in a different way:
Jung Won proves that being a good person is always the best decision; Song Hwa and Suk Hyung prove that having a good heart doesn't make you weak; Je Hak proves that no matter how hard it is, you should never give up. All these characters have their own unique charm!
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When watching this show, you will learn and empathize with each character you see on the screen. All the main characters are doctors in certain areas of the hospital, and they are always helping many patients with different medical problems. They always help them in a way that impacts you as if you are also in the show. For example, when Suk Hyung had to help a patient give birth to a baby who has Anencephaly. This means that the baby has a defect where it did not develop its brain or other major parts of that area. It was truly heartbreaking to see how they interacted to ease the mother from crying. There's a story to learn about the doctor's nature and how they help their patient's overcome anything. The feeling you get from watching this also reminds me of another drama that I highly recommend; it is called, Misaeng: Incomplete Life. Both shows give you a feeling of wanting to connect with the characters and who and what their stories are.
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We all need somebody to lean on. These five friends have proven that thick and thin that we all need someone we can rely on and enjoy each other's company with. Without that, we would be alone and sad. What you can learn from watching their interactions is that the kindness and caringness they have for each other is sincere and has grown over the years they have worked together and also hung out. It's nice to see characters or in general, people being with one another because it gives you a good feeling inside that you are not alone and that the people who surround you truly care and want to be with you. 
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Even though the romance is not the biggest part of the plot and the friendship between the characters is the main focus, we can't help but love all couples! The way the show builds the romantic relationships makes the story so relatable and realistic. Every day someone is contributing by working or living through the day is enough to find the ��one.” You never know when it will happen, but when it does for someone, you just feel happy for them. When the drama started, no one knew if there will be romance and which will be the couples. Well, even now it's hard to tell who will end up with whom, but well, we all love surprises, right? *silently cries and wishes for a happy ending for Jun Wan and Ik Sun*

  Minarii:     Hospital Playlist is truly one of a kind, and I want to thank Shin Won Ho and Lee Woo Jung for blessing us with this masterpiece (and for casting Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo Yeon Seok, seeing them on one screen was a dream of mine)! I wish all dramas were at least half as good as Hospital Playlist, but well, I guess I want too much. So overall, Hospital Playlist was an amazing gift, and I think it should be appreciated more and that's why we wrote this article - to encourage more people to give the drama a try. The episodes are longer than what we are used to, yet they feel painfully short. 2021 seems too far, but I am so looking forward to the second season! 
  Shi:    I really enjoyed this wonderful drama. Even though it just showed simple, everyday moments and dilemmas that happen in real life, it moved me and made me think internally about myself and what morals I have for helping others and leaving an impact on the world. First, it has always been a dream of mine to become a registered nurse because of personal health reasons, but also to help others regardless of age, gender, or race. I want to help people recover and feel as upbeat as they can, since staying at a hospital isn't something anyone wants or likes. But if there weren't doctors, nurses, and other people in the medical field, then could we recover or even survive in the first place? Another thing that this drama has opened my perspective on is maybe choosing to work with the neonatal (babies). Yang Suk Hyung is my favorite character in the show, and every moment he comforted a patient who was getting ready to eventually have their wonderful child come into the world was another moment my heart jumped happily, knowing that what he did also interested me. Lastly, it kept me learning new medical terminology, and made me excited when I recognized something familiar since recently I took an Anatomy and Physiology class. Overall, I know watching this drama has affected me by making me a better person for my dreams, myself, and the person I want to show and offer the world. It was a blast, and I can't wait for season 2!

   If you've seen Hospital Playlist,  did you like it? Who is your favourite character?
   If you haven't seen Hospital Playlist,  did we persuade you to start watching it?

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