by bonbonnim, June 2, 2021

Traditionally, a slow burn is a story that moves at its own pace, usually not very fast, and with characters, obstacles, and plotlines that can take a bit to develop.

Thus, a slow burn drama moves slowly but steadily, with a pace slower than what we might be used to.

Though there is a lot of slow burn dramas, I'll only talk about three dramas in particular: Do You Like Brahms?, One Spring Night, and A Piece of Your Mind. These three dramas are probably the dramas that I rewatched the most. 

I still wonder how these dramas keep pulling me back to their world every time the real world get a little too hectic and tiring for me.

Do You Like Brahms? features the story of classical musicians and their trials and tribulations through love and life; One Spring Night is about a women in a long time relationship with a new found attraction for a man in a special circumstance, and last but not the least, A Piece Of Your Mind shows an AI engineer and a classical music recording engineer, and their chance encounter through a person special to them both and the story of their hearts.

All these three dramas follow an extremely similar pattern of a slow storyline, with little conflict and a wholesome relationship between the couple. With scenes of a carefree happiness punctuated with moments of sadness and difficult decisions, these dramas move me to tears every time I watch them.

Every time I rewatch one of these dramas, I learn a new detail or find another scene that enraptures me. For me, that is an amazing feeling.

Why does each drama move me more every time I rewatch it?

Even if I have memorized the story of these three dramas, because of my continuous rewatching, something new would move me to tears or make me happy every time.

All these moments of happiness and sadness, within the dramas and me, have really helped me rediscover my center of gravity whenever I felt that the balance was off.

Some GIFs:

Do You Like Brahms?


One Spring Night

A Piece Of Your Mind

Thank you all for reading my short article, even though it is less of an article and more of a rant. Comment below if you have any suggestions for the future.

Have a nice day!