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I still couldn't get used to the English titles of some Chinese Dramas that I've watched, especially when I know the titles of the source materials which mostly are Chinese novels. I found this interesting because when I searched the title on Google, I kept getting confused about which dramas to search involving this title since there are three of them. 

Not only was I confused myself, but I also found it hard which of these three dramas to recommend due to their similarities in titles. What's more, these dramas are all costume dramas!

Hoping that you wouldn't end up like me, I compiled the dramas that I watched which contain the title of "Eternal Love" in them. These dramas being: Eternal Love, The Eternal Love, and Eternal Love of Dream.

Eternal Love (2017)

Eternal Love is the drama version of Tang Qi's book, "Three Lives, Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" which is the first book in the "Three Lives, Three Worlds" universe. This drama has 58 episodes.

It tells the love story of the queen of Qingqiu, the white nine-tailed fox Bai Qian and the crown prince of Jiuchongtian, Ye Hua. They officially first met when Ye Hua was wounded and was cared for by Bai Qian who became the mortal Susu. When Susu was together with Ye Hua in Jiuchiongtian, she suffered a lot thanks to his grandfather, the Heavenly Emperor, and his side consort, Su Jin. Susu then eventually took her own life and her memories as Bai Qian restored as she became a deity once again. Unable to bear the painful memories of Susu, she drank a forgetfulness potion which made her forget her life as Susu. Two hundred years later, Bai Qian met Ye Hua in a banquet who was bringing their son a-Li. From there, the drama takes an interesting turn.

Yang Mi stars as Bai Qian while Mark Chao stars as Ye Hua in this series.

Reasons to watch: 

Are you looking for xianxia that is heavily filled with drama? Good overall acting performance from the cast? ML and FL in an arranged marriage? This is the Eternal Love drama for you.

The Eternal Love (2017)

The Eternal Love is the drama version of Fang Que's book "Hilariously Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce".

It tells the story of Qu Xiaotan, a woman from the modern timeline who transmigrated unto the body of Qu Tan'er after falling asleep on an ancient-looking bed. Qu Tan'er was forced to marry the eighth prince Mo Liancheng while pining for the first prince, Mo Yihuai, who was engaged to her sister. Hilarity and drama ensue with Mo Liancheng taking an interest in the seemingly bipolar Qu Tan'er while not knowing that her body is shared by the bubbly Xiaotan and the demure Tan'er.

Liang Jie stars as Qu Xiaotan/Qu Tan'er while Xing Zhao Lin stars as Mo Liancheng.

This drama currently has two seasons and is slated for a third season. Season 1 has 24 episodes while Season 2 has 30 episodes.

Reasons to watch: 

Looking for a light-hearted transmigration drama with a few episodes? Great chemistry from the leads? This is the Eternal Love drama for you.  

Eternal Love of Dream (2020)

Eternal Love of Dream is the drama version of Tang Qi's book "Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book" which is the second book in the "Three Lives, Three Worlds" universe. This drama has 56 episodes.

It tells the story of the red nine-tailed fox and Bai Qian's niece, Bai Fengjiu, and the former emperor of the heavens, Donghua Dijun. They weren't initially fated but because of Feng Jiu's efforts that the heavens were moved and gave them a slight chance at being together.

Dilraba Dilmurat stars as Bai Feng Jiu while Vengo Gao stars as Donghua Dijun in this series.

This drama might be confusing to those who watched Eternal Love first since both the actors have the same roles in Eternal Love. The writers of Eternal Love had to make up Fengjiu and Donghua's storyline due to filming rights. The two leads reprised their roles for this drama. This drama follows the events taking place in the Pillow Book which is very different from Eternal Love.

Reasons to watch: 

Can't get enough of Tang Qi's Three Lives, Three Worlds universe? Want something more light-hearted than Yang Mi's Eternal Love? This is the Eternal Love drama for you.

Special Entry: Kris Wu's Eternal Love (2019)

This is a short film that revolves around Kris Wu's single, Eternal Love, which tells the story of three characters: The general who fell in love with the princess who already has a predetermined marriage with the king of the barbarians. Because the general and the barbarian king caused the death of the princess, the heavens decided to curse the two of them and this curse can only be lifted by winning back the princess' love in the modern era.

Which of these dramas have you watched? If you did, which are your favorites?

If you haven't watched any of them, which of these titles do you plan to watch?

~ Article Author's Little Corner ~

Having watched these three dramas, I enjoyed all of them. 

As for Eternal Love 2017,  I was really hesitant to watch it at first because I didn't like the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Book. I am glad I gave this drama a chance because I fell in love with it mainly because of the solid acting performance of the cast.

In the case of The Eternal Love 2017, I was really curious because this drama shares the same name as the one I mentioned above. I ended up enjoying this drama because of the chemistry between the leads. I even watched Season 2 of this drama. I am currently looking forward as to what twist they'll be putting in Season 3.

I initially did not like the DongFeng couple in the Eternal Love drama. It was only after reading some snippets of them (I was in the midst of an Eternal Love drama withdrawal) and the Pillow Book that I fell in love with this couple and was looking for this drama to air for the past two years. Vengo and Dilraba made these characters their own that it was impossible for me to imagine other actors portraying Donghua and Fengjiu.

I found Kris Wu's Eternal Love short film after typing Eternal Love on Google's search engine. I ended up watching it and included it as a bonus!

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