by Lily_B, June 27, 2020

This is something I made as a joke, and as all quizzes like this, it’s not very subtle, so please don’t take it too seriously. This is based on my understanding of a few different, common ways of dealing with love in Asian dramas. These types can be seen over and over again (and sometimes you have all of them in the same drama!), some more often than others. Are you ready to find out which type of Dramaland lover you resemble the most?!


First, let me start with a simple question: Describe what “love” means to you!

a) Love? It’s nice if you have it, but don’t put too much importance on it when you're in a serious relationship! For me, a rich and/or talented husband is first and foremost the ultimate proof that I am successful in every aspect of life. The symbolic value of a happy home is important, so of course, I will cherish a partner who plays by my rules. Don’t disappoint me!

b) Love is simply the meaning of life, and I believe there is someone out there for everybody!

c) Love is something beautiful and rare; if you are one of the lucky people who find it, you will always find your deepest happiness with the person by your side, even if everything else fails.

d) Love is something you need to deserve. You may have it if you work hard to accomplish your goals.

e) Love is the icing on the cake during this fun adventure we call “life”, but it’s not like it IS the cake, after all.


When a person you don’t love wants to confess their love or discuss the nature of your relationship, you:

a) Happily keep them by your side to show the world your latest conquest and to show off in front of your ex

b) Are troubled, maybe confused, and try hard to consider them as a partner but soon you tell them they are just an important friend.

c) Look them straight in the eyes and tell them earnestly that you wish them all the happiness in the world, but it can’t be with you.

d) Stare broodingly into the horizon and refuse to talk about it, and maybe you won’t discuss it until after a few years.

e) Aren’t sure; it depends on your mood. Kiss or dismiss, hmm, what’s more fun?


When something calls for a celebration, what do you do?

a) You take them to a fancy restaurant where your parents and important business partners are present.

b) You secretly decorate their apartment/rooftop/other outdoor space with lanterns, candles, pillows and blankets, and you have a romantic dinner under the moonlight.

c) You plan a whole day of surprises, like ice cream, a balloon, a stroll by the river, dinner at your favourite place, and finally kisses as you watch the fireworks.

d) You buy them beautiful clothes, and you are very happy to be with them even though you know it’s not a real date.

e) Throw a big party with lots of booze and many guests.


Meet the parents! (Or grandparents or older siblings.) It happens in almost every drama. Here’s what you do:

a) You try to like them for your loved one’s sake, but you feel that they don’t live up to your standard. You don’t even know that they can see how you feel.

b) You make such a good impression that they treat you like family before the visit is over.

c) You are very polite, but somehow they doubt that you can make their child happy.

d) You are a dream come true in their eyes! Your position and fortune make you intimidating, and maybe too good to be true for their modest family, but your warm nature soon makes them accept you wholeheartedly.

e) You are a little too carefree and they look at you like a cute but badly trained puppy.



When your loved one or someone in their family gets terminally ill or permanently disabled, you:

a) Break up with them, because they can’t keep up with your lifestyle anymore. You probably regret it soon, but when you come back it may already be too late!

b) Drop everything and work hard to help them in every way you can, even if all you can give in some situations is emotional support.

c) Don’t have enough money to give them a comfortable life, so you tell them you don’t love them so they can start over with someone better than you.

d) Help them with even more things than they dared to ask – and you don’t even always tell them what you did.

e) Throw them a party. There’s nothing like a good wine to help you forget all worries!



When your loved one thanks you for your help, and say that they can never repay your kindness, you reply:

a) “As long as you stay with me, I can give you everything!”

b) “How about you kiss me as pay-back?”

c) You don’t reply at all, because you’re already thinking about how you probably didn’t do enough to help.

d) “It’s fine if you can’t; I just want to do something for you. And maybe you'll never forget me.”

e) “Hey, don’t mention it; what are friends for, right?!”



When you confess your love for the first time and are rejected, you:

a) Say: “You’ll regret this – without me, you’re nothing, and I’ll make you suffer!”

b) Cry and slowly walk away without an umbrella in the pouring rain

c) Clench your fists and refuse to cry. What just happened to you?!

d) Thank them for being kind enough to listen to your love confession; even if you are rejected, it means a lot that they listened respectfully to your words.

e) Tell them it doesn’t matter what they feel right now; you’ve got all the time in the world to make them love you


When you want a kiss, what do you do?

a) First, you give them a back hug, then you force your loved one to turn around and look at you. You demand a kiss, but all you get is a peck on the cheek.

b) You turn your face to them and look at them with big, big eyes, hoping that they can read your mind.

c) You slowly lean closer but pull away and pretend like nothing happened because you thought you heard a noise or it seemed like someone was coming.

d) Probably you stare longingly at them when they don’t notice. You may even touch their face while they sleep, but even though you get one or two chances throughout the drama, you hesitate to kiss someone who doesn’t love you back.

e) Of course, you take them by surprise by literally throwing yourself at them. When you want to kiss, you kiss! 


The relationship reaches a breaking point, and circumstances (or your own will) force you apart! What do you do?

a) Throw things at them!

b) Leave without explaining, or at most leave a post-it-note (which the wind might blow away)

c) You love them so much that you must tell them you don’t love them to make sure it’s really over!

d) Tell them the brutal truth about something they really need to hear in order to move their life in the right direction (even if it’s away from you) and then you quietly but steadily walk away.

e) Cry, talk it out, and eventually you smile and leave peacefully.



When you, despite the previous break-up, decide to return to their side, you:

a) Return only to make their life as miserable as you can!

b) Take your sweet time to explain everything properly, but eventually, all misunderstandings are cleared up, and you’re back together.

c) Say nothing for many long, painful moments, and then you kiss them passionately!

d) Give them a sad smile and promise you’ll be there for as long as they need you.

e) Promise you have given up on their love, but you want to be their friend.



Why did you even leave in the first place?!

a) Actually, you were not the one to break up, but you’ve done all you could to make it look like you left them first!

b) Only because you knew they needed some space to figure things out before they can be in a relationship with you.

c) You worry that you’re not good enough for them. Your beloved claims to love you, but you are sure that someone else can love them better (give them more stability, status and financial security), so you decided to give your loved one to that person.

d) Being near them hurts so much, now that you have accepted that you don’t have a chance.

e) There’s no reason to waste more time on a relationship that will never be what you want it to be.



In the last episode of the drama, what happens?

a) You don’t matter anymore to the other characters.

b) You get married and live happily ever after!

c) Despite having hurt your loved one multiple times throughout the drama, you have finally learned that SHE is the one to decide that your love is good enough for her.

d) The only thing possible happens. You wish the lucky couple all the best and remain single.

e) To everyone's surprise, you have decided to focus on your studies, your career or other things that can make you happy, because you finally understand that you need to love yourself and your life before you’re ready to find true love.


.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*. RESULTS .✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.


Mostly a:

You are the obsessive lover. I’m sorry to say this, but you are the evil second lead. Usually, no one likes you, and that is because you are manipulative, haughty and under the false impression that you can buy love with money, fame and connections that can provide a shortcut to a great career. You often misunderstand your loved one and end up hurting them when you meant to help them. All this could be forgiven, but not as long as you think that the only way to make things better is by hurting people as deeply as possible. You won’t be popular by hating someone you once claimed to love!

Mostly b:

You are the natural-born romantic and probably the female lead! You are the one who can be silly, annoying, clumsy and dumb, but ultimately you are lovable because you work so hard to achieve your goals, and you are kind to everyone. The road to love may be bumpy, but that’s mostly not your fault, and of course, you get your happy end!

Mostly c:

You, my dear, are the noble idiot in a nutshell. I’m sorry, but someone should have told you early on that you need to think less and talk more. If you communicate better with your loved one, you would both suffer less and reach your happiness sooner! Also, please stop looking down on yourself; if you are a good person, it doesn’t matter if you are poor or not in perfect health. Love doesn’t come with a price tag! The good news is that you usually get your loved one in the end.

Mostly d:

You are the stoic and unhappy lover. You are the smart, kind, calm and mature second lead. You may be the type of person who is confident by nature and know what you want from life, or your maturity may be because you’re a little older than the rest of the characters and you have an influential position in society. You never, however, use your position to put pressure on others, and your unrequited love never makes you bitter and full of hate. You hide your bleeding heart, and you’re never as happy as when you can be secretly useful to your loved one. I’m sorry you have to suffer! Please believe that there is someone out there for you, too, someone who is ready and willing to give you their heart!

Mostly e:

You are the optimistic lover and often the cheerful and lovable second lead. You might make trouble for your loved one too often, and you tend to think that as long as you have enough money and joy to share, things will go your way. You may be considered too loud, pushy, and childish, but you will also be loved for your kindness and generosity. Even though you may not get your loved one at the end of the drama, you will surely have grown as a person, and you will find your own road to happiness.

.✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*. Bonus! .✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*.

If you took this quiz and found that none of the answers applied to you, it may be because your type was not included. You might be the cold and arrogant boss or a career-oriented person who has never loved before (and who, sadly, was never loved by the parents). Or perhaps you are an emperor?! You believe that you don’t need love and it makes you confused, so you rather argue with your loved one than admitting that you like them. Sometimes you’re nice, sometimes you’re cruel, and you’re often overprotective. You don’t hesitate to throw a punch or grab people by the wrist, and although you didn’t get a real spot in this quiz, you often get the girl in the end, and you have many fans!

If not even the bonus type applies to you, congrats!  ✫ You probably are a very unique type of lover! Whether you get your loved one in the end or not (and honestly, no one can tell beforehand!), you will be loved by drama watchers as the character who defies all tropes and clichés.


Did you read all the way to the end? Thank you for reading and for taking my quiz! I know that I didn’t include all possible types, and sometimes a character is more like a combination of the types. Other times, a character appears to be one type at first, but changes in the middle of the drama. What else did I miss? Do you recognise these characters from many dramas? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! ♥

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