by Lirian Orga, November 25, 2019

This Argentine TV series has remakes in 12 different countries such as Portugal, Chile, Peru, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines and this show has won nine Martín Fierro Awards in 2007, and also the Gold Prize.


Ramiro "Lalo" Padilla  is the director of the media company "High Five", editor of the famous magazine Don, and has many women around him. Romina , who is in love with Lalo, decides to punish his lack of commitment to her. She hires a witch to cast a spell on him, which turns him into a very beautiful woman as Romina wanted him to know what it is like for a woman who is being harassed.

Lalo awakes as a woman, in a state of utter confusion. However, Lalo's friend Graciela ("Grace") Neira believes what happened as she heard Romina's phone call to Lalo's home saying what she did. As it seems unlikely anyone else will believe that Ramiro has been magically transformed, so Ramiro assumes a new identity: Dolores "Lola" Padilla, cousin of Lalo. Lalo "had to make an urgent trip to Germany because his father became ill", and has appointed Lola to take his place. While trying to find a way to change back, there are a whole new set of challenges to face that Lalo didn't have to experience before, both within and outside the workplace.


Do Kyung Soo as Lalo

I watched a lot of D.O.s dramas and movies like 100 days my Prince, It's Okay that's Love, Hello Monster, Unforgettable (with Kim So Hyun) and currently Swing Kids. Lalo is a handsome playboy, smart and has a soft spot for his grandfather, he is also a rival to Gastón for his grandfather's love and attention. However he was a playboy that's why Romina (his ex girlfriend) cursed him to become a woman in order for him to experience the pain and betrayal she felt during their relationship.

                                           Juan Gil Navarro                                                                                      Do Kyung Soo

Kim Tae Ri as Lola

When Lalo became a woman, Lola was born. This beautiful woman didn't exist in real life in the first place. There was a trending app where Gastón and Facundo was fascinated about. It is an app wherein you chose the facial features of the guy's ideal woman. Facundo tried the app and generated Lola's face. Lalo who was busy saw the two men and was also attracted to a woman in Facundo's hand phone. Lalo suggest to print out the photo and the two agreed. Romina who is walking saw the woman's picture and became furious about it. When Lalo left the photo, Romina grabbed it and went to the shaman and suggested to curse Lalo into a woman. When Lalo became Lola. Lalo become annoyed in his new appearance with the help of his friend, Graciela trained "her" on how to be a well refined woman (Note: Well Lalo is now a woman I will now use "her" and "she") Lola at first has some boyish mannerisms and movements. When she meets Facundo, she initially dislike him but later she falls in love with him. 

I want Kim Tae Ri to portray this role since some fans saw some similarities between her and D.O. and see them as siblings and also she can portray this kind of role because, it is a transformation from boyish mannerisms into a woman because, she already shown it in the Handmaiden and Mr. Sunshine.

                    Carla Constanza Peterson                                                                                         Kim Tae Ri 

Park Bo Gum as Facundo 

This man is also smart but down to earth. He adopted a girl when he was 20 years old and he treats her as his own daughter. He is a loyal employee of High Five for 10 years and a frenemy of Gastón and Lalo because, he scolds them when they have a fun time with girls but Facundo has his eyes only to the woman shown in the popular app which turns out to be Lola. Some fans also want to see Kim Tae Ri and Park Bo Gum together and I'm one of them. Park Bo Gum has a good and gentle image especially in his acting in Love in the Moonlight.

                                Luciano Castro                                                                                             Park Bo Gum

Lee Min Ki  As Gastón

Gastón is also the grandson of Donato Aguirre aside from Lalo. They are rival since they were young for their grandfather's attention and the position as the heir of the company. Gastón is not as smart as Lalo that's why his grandpa is often disappointed in him. His scheming mother always scolds him for not being smart. However, Gastón and Lalo has something in common they are playing the hearts of women which makes Facundo out of place. When Lalo becomes a woman which is Lola, Gastón always belittles and harasses her often. Good thing Facundo is there to protect her. I think Lee Min Ki is the one for this role since he is funny and most of his roles always make fun on women. Some of his series and movies are I Really Really Like You aka Love Truly, Dalja's Spring and Very Ordinary Couple.

                                           Rafael Ferro                                                                                                 Lee Min Ki


Ha Yeon Seo  As Romina

Romina is the ex girlfriend of Lalo of 5 years. She is very patient and caring for her boyfriend even though Lalo cheated on her many times. Her friends always suggest her to go to the shaman <in South Korea they are called mudang (무당). >  Note: In the Argentinian version the one who cast a curse on Lalo is a witch while in Philippine version is the babaylan. At first she didn't listen to her friends since she loves him but afterwards she cannot take it anymore, she broke up with Lalo and went to the mudang. Romina wants to take revenge on Lalo by making him into a woman in order for him to experience women's pain like monthly periods, mood swings and men's harassment as well. I think Ha Yeon Seo fits in this role because, I saw how she slap Lee Min Ki in Very Ordinary Couple because he broke up with her and in Potato Star.

                          Marcela Kloosterboer                                                                                    Ha Yeon Soo

Lee Yoo Young  As Graciela

Graciela is a close friend of Lalo since in middle school. She was the one who listens to his sadness and angst. When Lalo became Lola she was also the one who thought on how to cover up Lalo's sudden disappearance and Lola's existence. She also taught Lola on how to behave like a woman and how to do some women stuffs like cosmetics, wearing high heels and even how to deal with mood swings and monthly period. I think Lee Yoo Young will portray the role since she has a mature aura.

                                            Muriel Santa Ana                                                                               Lee Yoo  Young

Note: I didn't include other characters since it is gonna be long and some readers will find this article uninteresting and also I accept all your opinions, criticisms and other suggestions, particularly the people from Latin America who are also fond of K-dramas.

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