by Bloom C, January 9, 2021

Netflix is not usually in a sharing mood with their data and the performances of their original content, which is why when they issued a press release on "What Asia Watched 2020", I was pretty excited to see just how well their original content fared in the continent. While they also showed the performance of Anime and other American content that proved to be very popular in Asia, in this article, specifically, I will be detailing the performances of Korean dramas.

According to Netflix, its viewership in K-Drama genre, specifically, quadrupled which is amazing news and not at all surprising considering the amount of cash they have been investing in Korean drama productions.

Most impressive and probably the most accomplished Asian content and therefore worthy of mention was the horror movie #Alive, that ranked in the top 10 list In 90 countries throughout the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, S Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

The most popular Korean titles throughout Asia were

1. Kingdom Season 2 popular in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand

2. The King Eternal Monarch popular in India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore

3. Start-up popular in Indonesia

4. It's Okay Not To Be Okay popular in Taiwan

5. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim popular in Japan

Although not the most popular, It's Okay Not To Be Okay ranked top 10 for over 100 days in the South East Asian countries of  Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Kingdom and TKEM being the top two most popular Korean dramas resonates with the data Netflix released, showing their overall most popular Korean dramas all around. Congratulations to all the dramas that found popularity and here is to more in 2020! 

Check out the full press release below!


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