by Peppersqueak, April 14, 2020

Hey, y'all!

*Clears throat in an unprofessional manner*

So this is indeed my very first article! I actually tried putting one out in January but got so nervous and deleted the whole thing.

I actually got this idea while watching koi wa Tsuzuku and finding myself writing my opinions and reactions down for every episode.

So why not make it an article?

I personally love reading the fansubbers personal comments while watching a drama and it adds a lot of fun to my experience so maybe I can make your watch more enjoyable too. 

I hope you have fun reading this and also watching the drama!


Of course, since this is a reaction/ review there are going to be spoilers so you have been warned!

I'm very hesitant about watching medical dramas but I decided to give this a try since it had a lot of positive feedback and the ML was played by one of my favorite actors.

Episode 1

So uhm yeah.
I watched the first episode and I didn't expect it to go smoothly. Besides googling almost all medical terms since I have no plan and English isn't my first language I got nauseous around 5 times. Tendo surprised me with a very deep voice though which I didn't expect to hear from him and sigh.
He's handsome.
Facts facts.
I was prepared for shoujo supreme and some really stupid stereotypes but the actress is surprisingly good and I think she plays her character very well.

Lastly some Tendo Kairi appreciation:

Episode 2

So... Wow. This is so much more than I thought it would be. It has a lot of heart. I'm really uncomfortable with hospital sickness and all that stuff so this is a really hard challenge. I'm really surprised what happened this episode and it made me feel really empty in a weird way. I was shocked, surprised, sad. It's unbelievable what medical staff accomplishes every day and how unbelievable strong you have to be for this job. My deepest respect.

Episode 3

This episode was milder and quite fluffy compared to the last ones. *Wipes off the sweat* Am I the only one watching the extras? I'm always cringing so hard on the cat fortune teller dance, I can't help it XD

Episode 4

So episode 4 was not my favorite. Too much was going on and some scene cuts really confused me. The stalking part I found to be really unnecessary. I kind of wished they progressed more organically. And I need more of Nishi and Tendo sans sister! They have too little screentime.

Episode 5

Sakura-san got herself a boyfriend! Ometeto! Sigh but Tendo san is really icy when he's jealous he doesn't even let her explain.

I don't think it's good that Negishi-san was responsible for her son's briefing and stuff since it is probably hard to make an objective decision like shown here. I think it's unfair to handpick nurses even though I understand her concerns. The doctor probably knows best and makes the call accordingly

In the end, Sakura-san got to show her potential and I'm glad to see her grow!

Episode 6

I love Tendo's sister. I love her she is such a cool sister and she actually gets along with Sakura. I'm really curious about why she quit her residency. I don't know why Sakura has such low self-esteem. Is this a common drama heroine thing? Most problems can be solved by yes... Guess what talking!

Ok, and can we talk about the great chaotic energy that Nishi and the head doctor have? The extra was GOLDEN! I love them. The extras are really worth watching.

Episode 7

Uhhhh so we are getting an anti-hero this episode and honestly, he is so interesting! But also him using Sakura as an excuse for breaking up and HER getting splashed with ice tea nani?

And who has the audacity to say to Sakura that she is still pursuing Tendo even though Sakura is his girlfriend? Minori already got rejected but she doesn't care. And Sakura is just like. Oh.
Gurl, say something! Can I say how much I love the extras? It's an absolute cringefest and I'm here for it.
Omg lol, they are making the head doctor and Nishi a "thing" and I'm living for it. (Of course, Nishi has no plan)

Episode 8

I mean I already guessed as much but Kamijo san is not a bad person. He doesn't know what to do with his life and I don't blame him, I relate. The lawsuit action was a douche move and yeah it could have been resolved differently. In such matters I really wished the leads communicated more so that it doesn't come to such dramatic goodbyes. But it's a "drama" so ya know ;). I loved the bowling part a lot and Tendo sensei's face when he realized how good Sakura was XD and of course who could have forgotten this famous scene:

All in all, I really loved the date and a couple of moments of this episode!

For the extra I'm losing it XD

I loved the play rehearsal! Yuki sensei is a true talent even though her crush did not get answered!

And Nishi and Koishikawa sensei's misunderstanding just keeps growing XD

And omg the reunion was so sweet they are melting me ( ≧Д≦)

Episode 9

Omg, what's going on? I thought we were happy? Meeting the parents, *almost spending their first night together.* ( Darn it Yuki-sensei and Tendo's sister XD) 

And then baammm freak accident. What are we know in the tragedy genre? Omg, why? Seeing Tendo san sitting on Sakura san's bed holding her hand it's like history repeating itself.

Luckily she woke up and Tendo sensei FINALLY took off that grumpy mask. I love how candid he was in that last scene, before that he felt contrived sometimes.

Episode 10

Yey! Nishi san finally became a hero and stole the bride away 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→

....And she said bye to him again *sigh

Tendo san definitely got his personality from his that 100%

I loved the part were Sakura-san hugged Tendo san on the swing and he smiled from the bottom of his heart TT

When Miori's little sister pulled out the Notebook I found that to be a little moving and actually really nice since it kind of marked an end of a chapter, and a happy one at that.

Anri finally got discharged.

Tendo san completely transforms into the most flirty boyfriend.

Nishi san does get his happy end with Tendo san's sister. He applies to her family hospital and they hug awww. And Tendo sensei encourages Sakura-san to study abroad, but of course, he catches her at the airport and proposes. A typical time skip and a happy ever after.


The positives:

I found episode 1&2 to be the most interesting and well written. They set up for a great story and were quite moving.

Tendo san and Sakura-san had really good actors which watered down the Shojouness a little bit.

Sakura-san grew a lot as a nurse.

The extras were most of the time quite funny and a cringefest.

The negatives

I mean yeah the ending episode was kind of meh.  I was indeed bored the last few episodes and especially the last one felt kind of overdramatic/ cheesy. I was skipping around a lot throughout the last episode and I'm glad I finished.

The 2nd Ml was boring. He even sounded tired.

A lot of the times it was so cheesy it was a sugar bomb.

After episode 1&2 it got kind of boring

The tragedy and Melo didn't really seem to fit into the drama.

My conclusion

They were onto something but couldn't really grasp it.

Here is also the official theme song:  Dism I LOVE

I think by now you either LOVE, HATE  or LOVE to HATE the song XD

So that's it! I hope you liked my first article! Feel free to comment ask and critique.

I have to rest now from all the Shojo kirakira.

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