by Cherrybb, August 7, 2020

Hello, everyone!

Some dramas I have started as they were starring my favourite actors/actress, some I started because of the interesting storyline and some from the recommendations list and even based on drama posters. On the other side, a handful of dramas I started watching without any specific reason to pinpoint on but ended up really loving them!

This is a dedication for those dramas I started unexpectedly with no idea on plotline or familiar cast but were unexpectedly drama gems.

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Protect The Boss and Kill Me Heal Me

 One of those 1st dramas I had picked up during the initial years of my arrival in the K-drama world, a very few actors were familiar for me then. Both of the dramas had a very different 1st episode from what I had been watching till now, the characters and story felt loud and messy initially, but by 2nd episode, I started enjoying it a lot!

The dramas had a unique plotline, and the chemistry between the leads was undeniable. Both of them had Actor Ji Sung in two very different roles! From the unknown cast, they became my most favourite characters in the drama world and the top dramas I still recommend to my other friends.

Girls’ Generation 1979 and Save Me

I was going through the ongoing drama lists in 2017 (during a drama slump time), and suddenly these two names caught my eye, Save Me had already aired halfway through then, and Girls’ Generation 1979 had just started.

Immediately I started watching Save Me (though I had no idea what I was getting into) and from the next day I picked up the other, too. Binge-watching the entire two shows with the most different storylines ended my drama slump and me becoming a fan of Woo Do Hwan.

Girls’ Generation became a top favourite and Save Me entered my Top Thriller Lists. (You can check other dramas on the list too!)

Vampire Prosecutor and Witch’s Court

Truthfully, I tend to avoid Law/Court/Prosecutor related themes; I start them all right but tend to leave them halfway. These two were the only dramas I successfully ended mostly because I had loved the characters.

Maybe the supernatural factor in Vampire Prosecutor and the unexpectedly refreshing female lead’s character and good chemistry between the leads in Witch’s Court lead them to be great dramas I came upon unexpectedly.

High School King Of Savvy and The Package

In the case of these two dramas, I at least knew who was starring in them and got curious, let’s say. But the leads took a back seat, and the plotline was the one that made me keep watching the shows! 

I will admit Lee Soo Hyuk was a great factor in making me keep watching the show while The Package was the 1st drama I had come across based on travel. With interesting plotlines and characters, two more dramas became my favourites unexpectedly.

Now, as I am aware of quite a few actors or read articles about upcoming dramas or have favourite channels whose shows I mostly enjoy, chances of finding drama unexpectedly has become less. Nonetheless, to those drama gems, I am still to find, my search radar is kept on!

Did you find such an unexpectedly good Drama?


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