by Soja, August 10, 2020

"May you have dreams in your heart, light in your eyes, and everything you see is bright and beautiful"- Bai Lu

Last year, I was introduced to Bai Lu through one of her breakout hits, Arsenal Military Academy. Immediately struck by her versatility and range, I began watching her other dramas and became a fan, not only of her acting but also her personality and character. 

She debuted in 2016 and only has a small catalog of work, but hopefully, this article convinces you to follow her on her journey.

                     Stage Name: Bai Lu (白鹿)

                     Name: Bai Meng Yan 

                     Born: 23rd September 1994 

                     Birthplace: Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

                     Height: 1.65m 

                    Star Sign: Libra 

                   Chinese Zodiac: Dog          

                    Agency: Huanyu Film

                   Family: Father, Mother


Bai Lu was born and raised by her parents in Changzhou. In 2012, she participated in SM Entertainment’s overseas auditions but failed to be selected. 

In 2015, she participated in a series of short films produced by Cattree Studio, as well as starred in Lu Hu’s music video “Liu Yan”. In 2016, Bai Lu signed up with Huanyu Films and officially debuted as an actress on the 1st of July. She has not received any formal acting training or attended any acting schools.


As previously mentioned, Bai Lu only debuted in 2016 and is still considered an emerging Chinese actress. Despite her lack of experience, I believe Bai Lu's greatest strength is her chameleon-like acting; her ability to disappear into a role, whether she is playing a demon queen, a happy-go-lucky game designer or a military recruit. 

Drama: King Is Not Easy

Character: Da Xi

Through a twist of fate, a popular chef ends up swapping bodies with the Emperor, and hilarious hijinks ensue. 

This is one of Bai Lu’s very first acting roles and her first drama to air. However, she is able to pull off a feisty palace maid and an immature emperor suddenly transplanted into the body of the palace maid with ease. 

Drama: Untouchable Lovers

Characters: Huo Xuan and Le Yun

Bai Lu stars in her first supporting role, playing two different characters; the loyal General Huo Xuan and the cunning concubine Le Yun. 

She plays the two roles well, and a distinction can easily be made between the two characters. Whilst this was not her best drama, it definitely gave her the opportunity to showcase her growing skills. 

Drama: The Legends

Character: Lu Zhao Yao

Five years after she died, a once-powerful demoness queen resurrects as a spirit and vows to take revenge against everyone who betrayed her. She is charismatic, badass, strong, and fearless, a tribute to her name ‘Zhao Yao’, which translates as ‘ostentatious’. 

During its run, the Legends received largely positive reviews and topped television ratings. Considered Bai Lu’s breakout role, she is incredible as the demoness Zhao Yao, able to pull off her arc from cheerful, naïve young girl to vengeful, badass queen to a mature woman. She also has fantastic chemistry with her co-star Xu Kai, and their kissing scenes are impressive. 

Unfortunately, the editing and the ending let the drama down.

Drama: Arsenal Military Academy

Character: Xie Xiang

An independent, brave, and smart young woman disguises herself as a boy to attend a military academy during the Chinese Republican era. 

This was the first Bai Lu drama I ever watched, and her acting instantly impressed me. She pulled off playing a man so convincingly, from her mannerisms to her lower voice. Her commitment to the role was also commendable; she cut off her hair completely and wore two corsets whilst filming in the peak of summer. 

She has good chemistry with all her co-stars, including the male lead; played by her Legend’s co-star Xu Kai.

Drama: The World Owes Me A First Love

Character: Xing Yun

An aspiring game designer, who has never experienced love. She is optimistic, cheerful, and cute. She falls in love with her boss, played by Xing Zhao Lin.

The third of Bai Lu’s 2019 dramas, this was a complete contrast from her previous works. She pulls off cute and clumsy and continues her streak of having great chemistry with her co-star. This was filmed directly after Arsenal Military Academy, so Bai Lu had to wear a wig. Watch out for it! ;)



Drama: Love Is Sweet

Character: Jiang Jun

Bai Lu’s character enters an investment company to fulfill her father’s dying wish only to discover her gentle and caring childhood friend has become her business rival. This romantic drama also stars Leo Luo.

Drama: Jiu Liu Overlord

Character: Long Ao Yi

An upper-class silk merchant meets the leader of the Longzhu Clan in this story of political intrigue, romance, and mystery. Apparently, Bai Lu will perform a traditional Chinese dance.

Other dramas include The Monkey King 3 and Zhaoge. Bai Lu is currently filming Song of Youth.


Bai Lu has never debuted as a singer, but she has lent her voice to several of her drama's OSTs. 

2017Subordinate Takes Orders 小的听令King Is Not Easy OST
2018A Tale of Two Phoenixes 凤囚凰Untouchable Lovers OST
2019Entering a Dream 入梦Arsenal Military Academy OST (with Xu Kai)
2019Want To Be With You: 想和你一起Lucky’s First Love OST


Bai Lu has received awarded several newcomer popularity awards.

  • 2017: 11th Tencent Video Star Awards: Most Promising New Actress 
  • 2018: 7th iQiyi All-Star Carnival: Newcomer Award: Untouchable Lovers 
  • 2019: StarHub Night of Stars: Most Promising Actress 
  • 2019: Today Headline News Awards: New Female Star Of The Year 


  • When she became an actress, she bought her parents a new house. 
  • She is a big fan of Korean dramas. She was also a massive EXO fangirl, and still speaks Korean. 
  • She has two cats: May-May and Christmas.

  • She loves to dance, especially hip-hop.

What do you think? 

Have you seen her before in any of her works? 

Are you a fan of her as well? 

Let me know!

Thank you for reading the article!

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