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You probably have given 'Heart' to some of your favorite actresses on MDL, and have been following their works ever since, and are wondering which other actress's work should you go for?

Since we dedicate our time and energy while watching a K-Drama, it's mostly a given we might hesitate when rumors say a drama has bad acting, while in actuality, it's our preference and our perspective that makes us think differently and decide what's attractive, what's stellar and what's not as appealing!

I'm to shed a light on MDL'ers Top Favorite Korean Actresses and mention for what they are most well known and those works that might be a hidden gem of their performances that were easily missed by most of us.

Without further ado, here comes the top 25 on MDL's ranking for liked actresses.

 25. Song Ji-Hyo 

The earliest (at that time, the only) female member of the show 'Running Man'. She is from Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, born in 1981. She rose to fame after starring in 'Princess Hours' where she played a ballet dancer who wanted to be a ballerina.
2170+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Was it Love (2020)
Lead Actress in Princess Hours (Goong), Emergency Couple, 
Ex-Girlfriend Club, My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week

24. Kim Seul Gi

Born in 1991, She is from Busan and has aspired to be a professional actress from a young age. APAN and KBS Drama Awards both awarded her 'Best New Actress' for her amazing portrayal in 'Discovery of Love'.
2230+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Love with Flaws (2019)Lead Actress in Discovery of Romance, Oh My Ghostess, The Guardians

 23. Son Ye Jin 

Dubbed as "Queen of Melodrama". She was born in Daegu, 1982. She rose to fame after starring in romance-themed films and TV shows like 'The Classic' and 'Alone in Love'. She is also very popular in Japan. Acted in 'Into The White Knight' which was adapted from the Japanese novel "Byakuyako"
2340+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Crash Landing on You
Lead Actress in Summer Scent, Alone In Love, Personal Taste
 Shark, Something in the Rain

22. Yoon Eun Hye

Born in 1984, in Seoul. Yoon Eun Hye originally debuted in a girl group called Baby V.O.X. in 1999 but left in 2005 and moved on to acting. She is best known for starring in the 'Princess Hours' and 'Coffee Prince'.
2440+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Gogo Song (2019)Lead Actress in Princess Hours (Goong), Coffee Prince, Missing You

21. Jang Na Ra

Born in 1981, she spent most of her childhood in her birthplace, Seoul. She appeared with her father at plays and that sparked her interest to be an actress. She also sings both in Korean and Chinese and is known by her Chinese Name (Zhāng Nàlā) in China.
2450+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Oh My Baby (2020)Lead Actress in Fated to Love You, I Remember You, Go Back Couple, 
The Last Empress

20. Han Hyo Joo

Born in 1987, from North Chungcheong Province. She catapulted to stardom through 'Brilliant Legacy', which became a massive hit by maintaining the number one spot in the viewership rating chart for 20 consecutive weeks and peaked its rating at 47.1%.
2540+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
W (2016)Lead Actress in Spring Waltz, Iljimae, Shining Inheritance, Dong Yi

19. Hwang Jung Eum

She is from Seoul, born in 1984. She gained popularity after starring in the melodrama 'Secret' whose fans requested her for another "Happier" drama co-starring with Ji Sung, and thus they reunited in the hit drama 'Kill Me, Heal Me'.
2640+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Mystic Pop-Up Bar
Lead Actress in Giant, Can You Hear My Heart, 
The Incarnation of Money, Secret, Kill Me, Heal Me, She Was Pretty

18. Seo Ye Ji

From Seoul, born in 1990. She repeatedly turned down offers to debut as an actress since she had never dreamed of becoming one. Seo Ye Ji was praised by viewers as 'New Thriller Queen' when she starred in OCN thriller mystery drama 'Save Me' in 2017. And in 2018, She was appointed as an honorary police officer for her role as a righteous attorney in 'Lawless Lawyer'.
2840+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Supporting Cast in Hwarang
Lead Actress in Moorim School, Save Me, Lawless Lawyer

17. Kim Yoo Jung

Born in 1999, in Seoul. Labeled "Korea’s Little Sister", she has successfully transitioned from a child actress (Moon Embracing the Sun) to a teen actress (Angry Mom), and ultimately leading roles (Love in the Moonlight). Fans love her a lot for her wonderful presence on the screen. In 2017, she ranked 8th on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, the youngest to be included in the Top 10 at 17 years old.
2950+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Backstreet Rookie
Young Lead in Iljimae, The Painter of the Wind, Dong Yi, 
Moon Embracing the Sun.  Lead Actress in Angry Mom, 
Love in the Moonlight, Clean With Passion For Now

16. Shin Min Ah

Born as Yang Min-a, 1984. An outstanding actress with cute dimples! She has published a travel book titled Minah's French Diary. She rose to fame after co-starring in 'A Love to Kill' with Rain, and later on, 'My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho'.
3030+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Chief of Staff
Lead Actress in A Love To Kill, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, 
Arang and the Magistrate, Oh My Venus, Tomorrow With You

15. Kim Ji Won

Born in Seoul, 1992. She first appeared in commercials in 2010, and later known as the "Oran C Girl" and "Lollipop Girl". She gained attention with her roles in 'Descendants of the Sun' and 'Fight for My Way'.
3110+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Lovestruck in the City
Supporting Cast in To The Beautiful You, The Heirs. 
Lead Actress in What's Up?, Descendants of the Sun, 
Fight For My Way, Arthdal Chronicles

14. Song Hye Kyo

She is from Daegu, born in 1981. Song Hye Kyo gained not only Asia-wide popularity but became an internationally known top Hallyu star after starring in 'Autumn in My Heart' and 'All In', which were massive hits in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe.
3150+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Encounter (2018)Lead Actress in Autumn Tale, All In, Full House, Worlds Within, 
That Winter, The Wind Blows, 
Descendants of the Sun

13. Jung So Min

One of the cutest, most charming actresses of all-time! Jung So Min was born in Seoul, 1989. She rose to stardom after starring in "Playful Kiss", an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga "Itazura Na Kiss". 
Since she has a very soothing voice, she has sung for the soundtrack of her dramas on a few occasions. "Because You're Here" in 'Because This Is My First Life' and "Star"  which she sang with her co-star for 'Hundred Million Stars From the Sky'
3160+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Soul Mechanic (2020)Lead Actress in  Bad Guy, Playful Kiss, D-Day, My Father is Strange, 
Because This is My First Life,  The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

12. Ha Ji Won

Born in 1978, Seoul. Ha Ji Won (birth name, Jeon Hae Rim) is one of the most sought after actresses, known for her versatility in pulling off roles in various genres such as action (including martial arts), comedy, drama, and sports. She has won multiple awards and Daesangs for her acting in 
'What Happened in Bali', 'Hwang Jin Yi', 'Secret Garden' and 'Empress Ki'
3200+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Chocolate (2019)Lead Actress in Damo, What Happened in Bali, Secret Garden, 
King2Hearts, Empress Ki, The Time We Were Not in Love, Hospital Ship

11. Yoo In Na

Born in 1982, from Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. She joined YG Entertainment as an aspiring actress in 2009, and rose to fame after starring as the lead actress in 'Queen In Hyun's Man'.
3450+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
The Spies Who Loved 
Me (2020)
Lead Actress in The Greatest Love, Queen In Hyun's Man,
My Love From The Stars,
  Touch Your Heart

10. Gong Hyo Jin

Born in 1980, in Seoul. Gong Hyo Jin is considered to be the queen of romantic comedies due to her successful portrayals in her rom-com dramas. She achieved critical success with the drama 'Thank You'  and later on 'Pasta' and 'The Greatest Love'. Undeniably, Gong Hyo-Jin is one of the most beautiful and incredible actresses of all time.
3820+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
When the Camellia 
Blooms (2019)
Lead Actress in Hello My Teacher, Thank You, Pasta, The Greatest Love,
The Master's Sun, 
It's Okay, It's Love, The Producers, Jealousy Incarnate

9. Jun Ji Hyun

Born in 1981, in Seoul. One of the highest-paid Korean actresses. Jun Ji Hyun is also considered one of the most demanded advertisement spokespersons in the country. She rose to fame for her role as The Girl in the romantic comedy 'My Sassy Girl'. Her massive success has established her as a top Hallyu star.
3870+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
The Legend of the Blue 
Sea (2016)
Lead Actress in (Movie) My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, The Berlin File 
(Drama) My Love From The Stars

8. Kim Go Eun

Born in 1991, in Seoul. Her first on-screen role was in the critically acclaimed 'A Muse'. Her daring and naturalistic performance won her accolades, and her role later as the Goblin's bride in 'Goblin' shot up her popularity greatly.
4070+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
The King: Eternal 
Monarch (2020)
Lead Actress in (Movies) A Muse, Monster, Coin Locker Girl, Canola, 
Tune in for Love, (Drama) Cheese in the Trap, Goblin

7. Lee Sung Kyung

Topping MDL's most favourited actresses might have been of her least worries in 2014! Yet, 
Lee Sung Kyung literally became an overnight celebrity after her acting debut in 'It's Okay, That’s Love'. 
She was born in  Goyang city, Gyeonggi Province, in 1990. She garnered many fans after starring in the tvN adaptation 'Cheese in the Trap' and later as a leading role in 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo'
4370+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Dr. Romantic 2Supporting Cast in It's Okay, That's Love / Lead Actress in
Cheese in the Trap, Doctors, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

6. Bae Suzy

Born in 1994,  Gwangju Province. Despite being criticized for her acting in 'Dream High', which was an iconic portrayal of youth's dream. Suzy's acting skills have always been commendable, and have improved to be very pleasing recently. And since her successful film debut in "Architecture 101", she has been hailed as "The Nation's First Love" in her home country. 
5140+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Start-Up (2020)Lead Actress in Dream High, Big, Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond,
While You Were Sleeping, 

5. Park Bo Young

Born in 1990, from North Chungcheong Province.  Park Bo Young is an amazing musician on top of her successful acting career. She also plays the piano and guitar and was featured in the soundtrack for 
'A Werewolf Boy' the movie and 'Oh My Ghost' TV drama.
5190+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Abyss (2019)Lead Actress in (Movies) Scandal Makers, A Werewolf Boy, On Your 
Wedding Day, (Drama) Oh My Ghostess, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

4. Park Min Young

From action-scenes to melodrama, to tragic historical love stories, Park Min Young's range of acting skills is diverse and impressive! Born in 1986, in Seoul. She rose to fame in the historical coming-of-age drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", and since then she has starred in many hit dramas like "City Hunter" and "Healer"
5790+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
When the Weather Is 
Fine (2020)
Lead Actress in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Healer, Queen for
Seven Days, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Her Private Life

3. Kim So Hyun

Born in 1999, in Seoul. Debuting at the age of 7. She stole the public's attention very early and was labeled “Nation’s Little Sister, and was dubbed the "Queen of Child Actor" (아역퀸) by the Korean press. She gained public attention when she featured in the fantasy-period drama "Moon Embracing the Sun" as the younger version of the second female lead.
6370+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
The Tale of Nokdu
Young Lead in Moon Embracing the Sun, Missing You
Lead Actress in Who Are You: School 2015, Bring It On, Ghost,
The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Radio Romance

 2. IU (Lee Ji Eun)

Born in 1993, in Seoul. IU [stands for I and You] loved by huge folks in the entertainment industry, without a doubt, is a multi-talented actress, singer-songwriter as well as one of the most influential celebrities in the country. In March 2018, IU starred in tvN's "My Mister", playing the character Lee Ji-an. The series was commercially and critically successful with peak audience ratings of 7.3% making it one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history, and positive reviews for IU's performance. 
6790+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Hotel Del Luna (2019)
Lead Actress in Dream High, You Are The Best!, The Producers,  
Scarlet Heart Ryo: Moon Lovers, My Mister, Persona

Honorable Mentions (My Personal favorites which didn't make the list)

 [Moon Chae Won]1  

Much beloved Moon Chae Won, born in Daegu, 1986, is another "Queen of Melodrama", with a shaky, mellow voice that has emotions breathing out while she is talking. She might as well be the prettiest actress when she is crying. 
Chae-won became known for the supporting role in "The Painter of the Wind" and later for her leading role in "The Princess's Man" and "War of the Arrows". The latter winning her Best Actress Awards.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Flower of Evil (2020)
Supporting Actress in The Painter of the Wind,
Lead Actress in Shining Inheritance, My Fair Lady, 
The Princess' Man, The Innocent Man, Good Doctor, Criminal Minds

[ Zhou Dong Yu]2

This one is Chinese, but I still had to include her! She is just phenomenal! I'm fond of her natural charms, passion, and brilliant acting. She is born in 1992, in Hebei Province. She achieved a breakthrough with her performance in the film "Soul Mate", based on the novel of the same name. She ranked 7th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2019, 3rd in 2020. 
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Better Days (2019)Lead Actress in (Movies) Under the Hawthorn Tree, Never Said Goodbye,
Soul Mate, This Is Not What I Expected, Us and Them
(Drama) Sparrow, Behind the Scenes

And finally, MDL'ers top favorite actress is none other than

 1. Park Shin Hye 

For her fondness for food, she has been called "Park Pig" by her friends in her childhood. Born in 1990, she is from Gwangju Province. She became known when she played the younger version of Choi Ji-woo's character in the popular Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven" in 2003. She has stated in interviews that her character in "You're Beautiful" reflected her real-life personality by about 80%.
7710+ Likes, 26 Jan 2021.
Recent WorkAlso Known-For
Memories of the 
Alhambra (2018)
Young Lead in Stairway to Heaven, Lead Actress in Tree of Heaven, 
You're Beautiful,  The Heirs, Pinocchio, Doctors

Did I miss your favorites? Feel free to speak up about them in the comments, and let us know about their best performances!

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