by Jasmine, January 29, 2021

We've seen dramas with devoted second leads that don't get the girl, but there are also many dramas that have given the second leads a pretty good match, even to the extent that you wish they were the main leads instead!

Not just the main leads, sometimes second lead couples can be the reason I watch or finish a drama! Although they have limited screen time compared to the main couple, be aware that some second lead couples have so much potential to steal the spotlight, too. Do you have someone in mind? YES, I DO! So I'm here to share my top favorite second lead couples, not sure if they were yours, too! 

Starting off from my no. 15! 

15. Another Miss Oh - Lee Jin Sang & Park Soo Kyung
(played by Kim Ji Suk & Ye Ji Won)

Who remembered this hilarious one-night stand couple that speaks French, haha! Soo Kyung was the older sister of the male lead (Do Kyung) whilst Jin Sang was Do Kyung's friend who stays in his house. Soo Kyung treated Jin Sang like a brother and was always fierce to him for not behaving at her house and because of that he was so scared of this fury noona, but they ended up getting drunk and slept together. Yes, it is so awkward but so funny too, guess that makes them special on how their relationship developed after the one-night stand incident!

And I swear this Kdrama has the best kiss scenes! Not only for the main couple but also for the two side couples!! It's basically a "wow" every time I watched it. As for Soo Kyung & Jin Sang couple, you shouldn't forget about the legendary lift kiss scene with the whole bunch of subordinates watching, HAHAHA!

Catch it below!

14. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - Yang Cheol & Bong Se Ra
(played by Kang Hong Suk & Hwang Bo Ra)

I wouldn't say this is the second lead couple but more like a side couple in the office, however, their hilarious interactions caught my attention when I watched this drama. Se Ra was so obsessed with handsome men and always made sure she looked good in front of them. But she had an encounter where Yang Cheol accidentally witnessed an embarrassing moment of hers and "dramatically" saved her from it. Since then, Yang Cheol has always unintendedly showed his manly side whilst Se Ra kept falling for it. Every scene of their love story is always SO extra and dramatic, but I just kinda love it! Oh, and not to say the legendary "Coke Confession", learn from it and get your crush to drink the cola to read the hidden words written on the bottle! Well, that's one that I never thought of! Brilliant, haha!

13. Tale of Nine-tailed - Goo Shin Joo & Ki Yoo Ri
(played by 
Hwang Hee & Kim Yong Ji)

Hands down for this cute fox couple from Tale of Nine-tailed! Yoo Ri is a Gumiho who has encountered maltreatment back in Russia, ever since then it caused her hatred for humans. However, after meeting the kind-hearted veterinarian Goo Shin Joo (also a Gumiho), he brings out the soft side of hers and slowly warmed her heart bit by bit. I love watching them together with the small boy that stayed together with Yoo Ri. I personally find they have better chemistry than the main couple. Simple yet sweet! 

12.  True Beauty - Lim Hee Gyung & Han Jun Woo
(played by 
Im Se Mi & Oh Eui Shik)

Have you watched one of the top recent dramas, True Beauty? If you have, you definitely understand why this couple is on the list! "Not your typical" setting with a hilarious plot, 50%+50%=100%! We have always seen a flirty guy courting an innocent and shy girl in dramas, but this couple is the other way round! 

Hee Gyung is the older sister of the female lead (Joo Gyung) whilst Jun Woo is the teacher of Joo Gyung. Hee Gyung fell in love with him at the first sight and decided to chase after him, but Jun Woo reacted as though he was a shy little boy experiencing his first love. So cringy that I always choke with laughter, but even so I loved it so much as it is so unpredictable and I can't believe how they do it without laughing, hahaha! You gotta watch it!

11. The Producers - Baek Seung Chan & Cindy
(played by Kim Soo Hyun & IU)

The Dream High duo who had a reunion in The Producers, as well as their 3rd reunion in Hotel Del Luna as the two generations of Hotel owners. I'm pretty sure the two of them would make a great couple if they were to have their own drama as the main couple, just look at their visuals and you know it!

Seung Chan was a rookie PD who had a one-sided love towards the female lead (Ye Jin) whilst the 'Icy Princess' top star, Cindy, had a crush on him. It's a shame that the two of them spent most of the episodes chasing after someone that never liked them, but at last, there were some small subtle changes on the two right before the drama ends. Hmmm, I wish there were more scenes of this couple as they look so great together with cute chemistry, which I couldn't get enough of! Let's hope they could have another reunion as a main couple in the future! (Fingers crossed)

10. Fight for My Way - Kim Joo Man & Baek Sol Hee
(played by Ahn Jae Hong & Song Ha Yoon)

Fight for My Way is a drama about people with third-rate background "fighting for their way" towards a successful life. Besides the main couple's "aegyo scenes" that went viral, I personally felt the second couple story is pretty realistic and relatable, so it drew my attention. Joo Man & Sol Hee have dated for 6 years where Sol Hee's life revolves around Joo Man; with her biggest dream of becoming a mother. Their relationship has been put to the test when a new workmate intruded into their relationship, trying to win Joo Man's heart over. You will feel a bit of heartbroken and also a bit of heartwarming looking at how they overcome it and how they realized that they were so precious to each other.

I would say the drama was a pretty ordinary one, but the second lead couple's story is something that keeps me watching. It brings out the very realistic side of a long-term relationship, and how you shouldn't take it for granted just because you are so comfortable with each other.  

9. Boys Over Flower - So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul
(played by Kim Bum & Kim So Eun)

With Kim Bum recent starring in Tale of Nine-tailed, his non-ageing appearance caused a hot topic where people are talking about how he looks as charming as he was in Boys Over Flower! We will never forget how he stole thousands of teenage girls' hearts when this drama aired during our schooling times. I remembered myself loving this couple so much at that point of time as the two of them looked so good together! 

Yi Jung is the biggest playboy among the F4 and doesn't believe in happy endings, whilst the pure and shy girl Ga Eul falls for him because of his sweet and gentle personality. She confessed but was rejected as Yi Jung had rules for himself to "not date a nice girl". But at the bottom of his heart, he knows best that he has actually developed feelings for her, it just took him a while to accept it! 

Although their story was a pretty typical one, the two of them were not just a good fit for the role but also showcased sizzling chemistry that made us smile! So, how can we not love this sweet and cute couple?

8. The Heirs - Yoon Chan Yeong & Lee Bo Na
(played by Kang Min Hyuk & Krystal)

Speaking of cute couples, you should not leave these adorable ones out! 

The Heirs was truly a big hit at that point of time as the drama featured a great number of A-list actors and actresses! But I personally find it pretty overrated as I don't really fancy the main couple and also the story of a whole bunch of elite students with rich family backgrounds fighting over men, women, business or a position in the society. The only reason that kept me watching was the cast, I mean how can you resist when all of your favorite actors and actresses are in the same show. Whenever I'm thinking back, it surprises me that even those who played side roles in this drama have, now, become the main leads in their own shows! 

Bo Na is an arrogant and spoiled heiress but somehow has a good heart, and is the girlfriend of the kind and smart Chan Young, who was a friend of the female lead (Eun Sang). They don't really have a comprehensive love story in the drama as they started off the drama as a couple already, instead many sweet and jealousy-themed scenes were offered, haha! But I would say that although they don't play a huge part in the series, they were pretty cute when they were dating or even bickering. I would proudly say, they are my favorite couple in the drama among so many couples in there! And ladies out there, you really need to get yourself a "Chan Young" kind of boyfriend!! <3

7. High Society - Yoo Chang Soo & Lee Ji Yi
(played by Park Hyung Sik & Im Ji Yeon)

Among the 15 couples, I would consider this a pretty cliché one. But of course, they are on the list for some reason! What reason? Great acting with much chemistry, especially their crying scenes, they got me emotional!

While having a very "main lead" kind of story, they turned out to be the second lead couple. Chang Soo was a rich guy who fell in love with an ordinary girl - Ji Yi. Ji Yi felt the same, but their relationship was being challenged due to their extreme family background differences. Followed with the typical evil mother-in-law doing all sorts of nonsense to whisk the girl away from her precious son, basically lots of cliché plot! Rationally, both of them felt that they were not meant to be together but emotionally, the irresistible love between the two was drawing them closer! Get ready to experience some heartbreak when it comes to Hyung Sik's crying scenes. :'(

As compared to the main couple's story, which was totally opposite, featuring a poor guy with a rich girl, this second couple's story is way better! Not dark, not tense, and doesn't surround itself with lies, simply a pure and sweet story!  

6. Dr. Romantic 2 - Park Eun Tak & Yoon Ah Reum
(played by Kim Min Jae & So Ju Yeon)

Another lovable couple of a male nurse and a female doctor! Not joking, but they are really cute, even during behind the scenes where they danced together to the "Any Song", the way they looked and smiled at each other! OMG, my heart!

I noticed Kim Min Jae even from the very first Dr Romantic as he looks like a charming male lead, although he was just a side role and didn't even end up with someone whom he had a crush on. The great thing was that the second season did him justice by giving him a love-line, and a pretty adorable one! Eun Tak was a kind-hearted and gentle male nurse whilst the bright Ah Reum appeared in season 2, being one of the residents in Doldam Hospital, knocking the door of his heart and this time, he confessed and got the girl! One thing to highlight, the two of them have great smiles. :) Indeed a couple of "미소천재" (Genius of Smile)!

5. The Bride of Habaek -  Bi Ryum & Mu Ra
(played by Gong Myung & Krystal)

Another couple with Krystal, she really does have great chemistry with her partners!

This drama started off with a pretty interesting genre, but my attention was always on the second couple. Bi Ryum and Mu Ra are a God and a Goddess here to assist the male lead (Habaek) in the mortal world; Mu Ra has an unrequited love for Habaek whilst Bi Ryum likes Mu Ra, despite knowing her love towards Habaek. Mu Ra was always pushing Bi Ryum away, but he stayed beside her unconditionally and accompanied her like a sibling, a friend, and also a fiancé.

I love how natural the two interact in the drama, no matter if they are bickering, teasing each other or even how Bi Ryum got serious to show his true feelings towards Mu Ra and slowly dissolved Mu Ra's cold heart. Although their kiss scenes were shorter and simpler than the main couple's, I couldn't stop myself from smiling like an idiot watching those and repeating them over and over again. Because they were just too cute, not to mention how Bi Ryum chuckles a little after he kisses Mu Ra!

Catch their kiss scene below!

4. Hwarang - Park Ban Ryu & Soo Yeon
(played by Do Ji Han & Lee Da In)

It started with a "touch"!

I believe all of us would fall for them even from their first encounter! Soo Yeon is the sister of Ban Ryu's all-time rival, Soo Ho and the two of them met each other at a market where Soo Yeon mistook Ban Ryu as her brother and wanted to tease him by grabbing his butt! She noticed herself "molesting" the wrong person and screamed out loud, which caused all to think that Ban Ryu was the one who "molested" her. She then started approaching Ban Ryu and try to pay back for her mistake.

How can we not love how this cool guy whose heart is slowly being warmed by his rival's innocent sister, losing his cool when it comes to her! Awww, I love how he was always so shy whenever Soo Yeon touched him, no matter if it was his butt, his face or even just holding his hands!

And here are my TOP 3 favorite second lead couples!

3. Five Enough - Kim Sang Min & Lee Yeon Tae
(played by Sung Hoon & Shin Hye Sun)

If you like family dramas, I definitely recommend this. I have never gotten enough of this cute couple as they have such amazing chemistry, plus their story was quite an interesting one! I think they have stolen the spotlight of the entire drama.

Sang Min is a famous professional golfer that was a bit arrogant and thought highly of himself (before he met the girl) and Yeon Tae was a teacher who had never dated before, lost her chance to confess to her 7-year crush and met Sang Min during her heartbroken times. He was so disgusted with Yeon Tae at first (because of her looks, her "cry-baby"ness, her rigidity and silliness) but ended up falling for her and started loving everything of hers that he once hated, haha.  

Things got pretty interesting when Yeon Tae turned the table and rejected Sang Min over and over again when he started courting her. A big blow to this self-centered sports star and a huge challenge for chasing after this dense girl who never understands his feelings!

With Shin Hye Sun's great performance in the latest historical drama Mr. Queen, you should probably catch her here as well! I started liking her from this drama, she definitely portrays the "rigid and dense" character better than anyone else, alongside with her partner Sung Hoon. The two of them were perfect for the roles! Interesting love-line with natural acting from the casts, you could not ask for anything better.

2. Dream High - Jason & Kim Pil Suk
(played by Jang Woo Young & IU)

One of the legendary youth dramas, featuring casts that are all Top Stars now! Featuring a plump girl, Pil Suk, that has a crush on the top student in the idol school, Jason. This milky couple is definitely one of the best couples and almost my all-time favorite! You have no idea how many times I rewatched their scenes.

Jason was always a gentleman who treated all girls fairly nice, but Pil Suk was having a one-sided love and thought that Jason liked her and treated her special. So, she confessed but got rejected, which led to her decision to slim down to look "prettier" and get Jason to reconsider his answer. I love the detailed plot that Jason falls in love with Pil Suk even before she became pretty, but he lied to her as he wanted her to find her confidence (if she managed to slim down) so she could debut as well. How pure and sweet!

1. Descendants of the Sun - Seo Dae Young & Yoon Myung Joo
(played by Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won)

My top favorite second lead couple goes to DOTS! While everyone was cheering for the Song-Song couple (and I wasn't too much into their cheesy lines), I fell for this couple, REAL HARD. 

Before starting the drama, I was a bit skeptical about knowing that the drama is based on a military storyline, but it turned out to have such a beautiful second lead couple love story! I wouldn't say their story was the most special one or that they are the most well-matched on-screen couple, but when everything comes together: the story, lines, acting, chemistry, coupled with the sad OST from Davichi; the least expectation achieving the highest satisfaction, 100% perfection! 

Myung Joo is the only daughter of Lieutenant General, thus her father disapproves her relationship with Dae Young, who is only a Master Sergeant, and prefers her to be with the male lead (Captain Yoo). Dae Young wanted the best for her hence trying to take a step back from her, but Myung Joo closed the distance with another step forward. Dae Young always acts as though he doesn't care about their relationship, but he always loses it whenever he sees Myung Joo suffering. He throws everything down just to hug her, leaves everything behind just to protect her, and even gives up everything just to be with her. Awww, gosh! 

Whenever they were fighting so hard just to be together, these intensely emotional scenes totally wrecked me. That's why it got me so obsessed as well! Always feel that their story totally outshined the main couple's story. In fact, they weren't an A-list actor and actress as the main leads, but their performance was more than just an A!!

Dramas get pretty addicting when they not only have a great main storyline but also side stories to escalate the series to the next level, as we enjoyed it not just for certain parts but as a whole! But, sometimes, when the second couple's story gets boring, you feel like fast-forwarding those parts to just watch the main story. So, actually, it's pretty hard to get a drama with both a good main couple and second lead couple stories.

So, if you are looking for those, continue reading!


Of course, there are also second lead couples that have a pretty solid story and shine as bright as the main couple, such as Goblin and Crash Landing on You. I believe everyone is very familiar with these two couples. Their stories were so sad, yet beautiful. :) Not to say, the undeniable chemistry that won millions of viewers' heart!
*Side note: I did not list them above as for these two dramas I enjoyed the main couple more, but nevertheless, I like their story and find them pretty well-matched, too!!

(Bonus) Goblin - Wang Yeo (Grim Reaper) & Kim Sun (Sunny)
(played by 
Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na)

(Bonus) Crash Landing on You - Goo Seung Jun & Seo Dan
(played by 
Kim Jung Hyun & Seo Ji Hye)

Viewers never get enough of them, and there was so much demand hoping to have them reunite in their own drama! Well, you have it. :) Dong Wook and In Na coupled as the main leads in Touch My Heart whilst Jung Hyun and Ji Hye had a small reunion in Ji Hye's drama Dinner Mate. Catch them there to enjoy more lovely moments with these couples! 

Last but not least, how about this second lead couple? 

Don't forget that they won the Netizens' Voted Best Couple Award in the MBC Drama Awards, haha! 

So which of them is your ultimate favorite? Comment below!

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