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It has been a while since I had written an article. Or written much at all. I really miss it, but I just haven't had the time. And even if I do have time, I can't seem to find the words. I haven't watched many dramas in recent years, and have found myself having a hard time being truly invested in the dramaworld. When the real world catches up to you, prioritizing becomes an important task. Even so, the moment I found myself having something to say, I decided to share it with my favourite community.

I happened upon the (very long) trailer of this drama by chance, and it piqued my curiosity. 

Someday or One day

So far I have only seen the first 2 episodes, but I think it's enough for me to have complete confidence in the quality of the drama. This article will include my thoughts of what I've seen so far, and what has been revealed in the trailer. Yet, I advise watching it without reading further into it nor watching the official trailer. Even though I am still enjoying the story, I suspect I would've enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the trailer. However, this isn't the worst case of spoiling a drama to myself, so all is good.


Now, this is the interesting part. So far, it feels like watching two different dramas, two distinct stories that happen to intertwine with each other because the lead actor doesn't seem to know in which drama they are acting. I'm not saying this as a flaw, it's the total opposite. I think it's genius that I'm watching 2 tales with the same 2 leads yet feel the distinction. 

The first story is a tragic one. It is the year 2019.  Huang Yu Xuan, a 27-year-old career woman, is having a hard time moving on after the death of her loving boyfriend, two years prior to the current event. On the outside, she seems to be living her life well. But when you look closely, every action she takes has something to do with her dead boyfriend, Wang Quan Sheng. It feels like he is with her, every step of the way. She is looking for ways to dislike him, but each discovery makes her love him more. One day she discovers a photo online. The photo contains 3 people, herself, Quan Sheng and a boy she never met. However, she does not remember ever taking the photo. She starts to suspect Quan Sheng had a look-alike girlfriend before her. That is until she discovers that photo was taken in the 90s when both Quan Sheng and her were still kids.

The second story is set in the late 90s. It tells the story of 2 best friends, Li Zi Wei and Mo Jun Jie, and their relationship with the timid Chen Yun Ru. All three go to the same high school. It is a typical high school slice of life love triangle until the twist that follows.

Back to the year 2019, Yu Xuan receives a mysterious gift, an old walkman. When she puts the headphones on to listen, she finds herself being Yun Ru, and Quan Sheng is Zi Wei. It is not clear to her yet, but she feels more like a person with the memory of two different people, without knowing which one belongs to her. 

The mystery of how all this came to be, and how both Quan Sheng and Zi Wei fit into this narrative is what triggers my interest and curiosity.


I will only write about the 2 main leads, who’s chemistry is undeniable, since I haven't watched enough to comment more about the other characters. All I can say, so far they add entertainment to the drama.

Alice Ke

I have seen her in 2 dramas before. I can't say she's the best actress out there since all the characters she plays are within a scale, but she is solid. I definitely enjoy her choice in dramas. Yu Xuan is definitely a character I empathize with, as you can feel the authenticity of her pain and grief. I still haven't seen much but I think what I'm enjoying, so far, is how she managed to portray the confused Yu Xuan as she steps into Yun Ru's body. She still believes she's Yun Ru, but her attitude completely changes. Not only is she loud and assertive, but it shows this is the mind of a confident grown woman. As Yun Ru, she's shy, nervous, constantly trying to hide. Yet, she is very upfront about her emotions. I think her fate will be the biggest mystery to be solved.

Greg Hsu  

It is my first time watching him in a drama. As Quan Sheng, we don't know much about him as we only see him through people's (mainly Yu Xuan's) memories. As Zi Wei, he's this popular high school kid who manages to turn anything he does into something cool. What impresses me is how, despite the little we've seen him as Quan Sheng, they still feel like two distinct people. I'm not sure what it is exactly, because it's really subtle, but I guess that is the genius. His character might be simple, but the mystery is his fate in both of the characters he's playing in the present day.


This part is what brings everything together, giving the entire experience of watching this drama a whole new meaning. As mentioned before, I'm enjoying how this drama is being portrayed as two distinct stories being presented within one drama. It is done smoothly. It has the tragic romance, the romantic comedy, the supernatural, , the mystery, all weaved in together naturally, without being forced.

I do find there is an excessive amount of flashbacks, but most feel necessary. Since I'm already so invested in the characters, the flashbacks give more meaning to their actions. Also, my curiosity in trying to understand the connection between the characters in their world makes me constantly looking for clues in their current lives and their flashbacks. 

I  have to mention how music plays an important part in making the execution so smooth and enjoyable. The songs are nice and fit perfectly. What I enjoy the most is the background of classical music which really sets the mood. It just managers to bring me into the drama, and really stir my emotions.


I do not encourage watching the trailer unless you need more convincing to give the drama a try. Put the closed caption on to read the subtitle.

I rarely watch Taiwanese dramas. They do have something to offer that is different from K-dramas and J-doramas, especially when it comes to romance. Sadly many fall short in other ways. My pet peeve with their dramas are mostly the execution and originality, which the totally nail in this drama.

I feel like this article doesn't do this drama justice. I look forward to seeing the view of those who's seen it, and the view of those who get encouraged to do so. I hope it doesn't disappoint. :)

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