by XingBack, December 16, 2020

The Ultra Fan Guide to Elaine

Before Mr. Sunshine and her 1st on screen debut in I Can See Your Voice, she would only guest at radio shows and she never showed her face before that. And when I 1st heard her voice in Mr. Sunshine I was OBSESSED with finding more about her but back then I really couldn't find much. Thankfully though these days beside her OSTs in hit dramas she's also active releasing covers and original singles on her youtube account❤

  • Born: November  9, 1994 (age 25).
  • Hometown: South Korea.
  • Star Sign: Cancer, Monkey (Chinese zodiac).
  • Real Name: Kim Joo Eun
  • Spotify: Elaine
  • Youtube: 일레인Elaine
  • Instagram: @jedoesall

I'll Comfort You - Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol 

Wake Up - It's Okay to Not Be Okay

This was Moon Young's theme song, whenever she got playful or teasing this song would play xD

Rain or Shine - A Piece of Your Mind

I've not seen this drama, but her voice can fit any genre; romance, mystery, tragedy, thriller, and make it even more emotionally engaging.

You're The Only One - My Holo Love

This is such a calm beautiful gentle song fit for a sweet love story.

Fallin' - Money Game

This was such a hunting song, the song first played during the ending scene of episode 1 which was full of emotional turmoil, tbh during the episode I was skeptical but when that song played during that scene I knew this was going to be one emotional ride ;D

Overall it reflected the intense conflicted emotions of the characters really well.

Don't Bring Me Down - VIP

Fallen Star - Vagabond

Would you - I'm Not a Robot

Search - Search: WWW

Daydream - Memories of the Alhambra

Rise Again - Mr. Sunshine

Mr Sunshine has one of the most beautiful OSTs I've ever heard.

Sad March - Mr. Sunshine 

This is the most heartbreaking hunting song I've ever heard.

Just Between Lovers - Just Between Lovers

Promise - Heaven's Promise

Blue Bird - Discovery of Romance

My favorites are from Mr Sunshine, Money Game,  It's Okay to Not Be Okay and Search WWW, those songs are in my Best OSTs list and I love listening to them over and over again~


Your Lies

sLow & Low

Deep Breath

Wake Me Up

Moon Rabbit

Won`t You Stay

For now she only has one album, but every song in it is so beautiful❤

I Can See Your Voice: Season 6 

The moment I saw her on the show I knew that was her, before that I tried to search for her but I never found a photo or a video of her so I was really happy to see her on my favorite show.

 Text links are songs on Spotify and GIFs are for official youtube videos.

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