by lo_ve, February 22, 2021

Hit 2019 Taiwanese drama titled "Someday Or One Day" is confirmed to have a Korean remake!

"Someday Or One Day" tells the story of a 27 year old woman named Huang Yu Xuan (played by Alice Ke) who misses her loved one, Wang Quan Sheng (played by Greg Hsu). She frequently visits his social media accounts in hopes that he will contact her. One night, Huang Yu Xuan gets into an accident. As she regains her consciousness, she sees someone at her hospital bedside. She realizes that she is no longer the 27 year old woman. Instead, she is now a high schooler named Chen Yan Ru living in 1998 and the person at her bedside is actually a schoolmate named Li Zi Wei. As she's trapped in the past and in another person's life, Huang Yu Xuan tries to change the destiny of Chen Yan Ru.

The drama was a collaboration work between director Tien Jen Huang and screenwriter Hsin Hui Lin ( who also penned the script for the 2017 Taiwanese drama "Attention, Love!". )

The drama ranked first for its time slot for 12 consecutive weeks with 4.16 percent in viewership ratings. It also garnered over 1 billion views worldwide through OTT platforms such as iQIYI Taiwan, LINE TV, myVideo, Viki and more. In Korea, it was released through cable channel WeLike and OTT platform Wavve and it topped the Asian charts. "Someday Or One Day" is popular not only in Taiwan but also in Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

npioe Entertainment and Lian Contents shared on February 22 that they already signed the remake rights for "Someday Or One Day" that was helmed by Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific and Three Phoenixes Production Co. They also announced that they will produce the Korean version.

Reports stated that broadcasters and producers fought hard to get the copyright contracts to have the rights to remake the hit drama. 

Due to it's popularity, the ending OST of the drama titled "Miss You 3000" was even covered by K-Pop artists like NU'EST Hwang Min Hyun.

Many are already anticipating the drama with the collaboration of npioe Entertainment and global content creator Lian Contents as producers. Casting, filming and other details have yet to be announced.


Which actors would you like to see in the Korean remake of "Someday Or One Day"?