by Cherrybb, May 1, 2020

Stress Free Rom-Coms

There are some days when I just want to pick up a drama to relax and watch stress-free. During most of those times, rom-coms had been the top pick for me. And instead of those dramas, where I have to really concentrate on the story and get all invested in, I prefer those that have a simple enough story to follow with lots of squeal-worthy scenes!

Most of these dramas I have watched while taking a break after watching serious/thriller/mystery dramas and before getting into another drama series. These are great for a feel-good and pick-me-up energy.

My Criteria:

  • Simple enough story to follow.
  • Some squeal-worthy and funny moments are a must-have.
  • Good chemistry between leads.
  • Plus points for being a short series.

NOTE: The story or characters may seem similar in some cases, but each one of them is a fun watch in their own way!

ALERT: If typical scenarios, some cringy moments or all romance dramas are not for you, progress with caution.

Splash Splash Love

Plot: A high school senior is suddenly transported into the past during Joseon dynasty drought on a rainy day. Following her romance and relationship with the king, that transcends space and time.

Episodes: 2 (1 hour each)

Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days

Plot: A math teacher gets selected for writing examination papers for the College Scholastic Ability Test and attends a training camp, where she meets her ex-husband and her first love, resulting in a hilarious outcome. 

Episodes: 1 (1 hour)

Flipped (Cdrama)

Plot: A drama combining romance and supernatural powers. The perfect blend of past connections, mystery, and romance

Episodes: 24 (30 mins each)

My Secret Romance

Plot: One of the typical cold male lead and warm-hearted female lead stories. Really good couple chemistry and perfect for overdosing on romance moments.

Episodes: 13 (1 hour each)


You Drive Me Crazy

Plot: An 8-year friendship leads to the start of an awkward romance. Kept on rooting for both friendship and romance. A subtle and sweet story that will get you all warm and fuzzy.

Episodes: 4 (35 mins each)


My Girlfriend is an Alien (Cdrama)

Plot: Exactly as the name suggests, the female lead is an alien and gets stuck in Earth and her budding romance with a CEO who forgets people under certain circumstances. A drama filled with laughs and romance.

Episodes: 28 (45 mins each)

7 First Kisses

Plot: What started as an add for a specific company, ending up featuring lots of favorite actors and fangirling scenarios.

Episodes: 8 (10 mins each)

Noble, My Love


Plot: Another one of the typical cold male lead and warm-hearted female lead stories. A CEO escapes from a kidnapped situation and ends up in front of a veterinarian clinic. A sweet and short story between the CEO and a Veterinarian. 

Episodes: 20 (15 mins each)

Taste of Cat 

Plot: A magical bar that opens only at night and maintained by cats (transformed into humans) specialized in solving customer’s worries and serving nice cocktails/mocktails. (A second season is also present probably).

Episodes: 4 (8 min each)

Currently, I am also in the search of other stress-free dramas, what’s your choice of watch for relaxing? ^_^

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor) & Jojo (2nd editor)

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