by lo_ve, January 26, 2021

Song Joong Ki revealed the reason why he did not hesitate and immediately agreed on starring in the movie "Space Sweepers".

The one reason why Song Joong Ki picked this movie is because of the unique plot. When the director shared to him the plot of "Space Sweepers", he was fascinated by it. He can't let others take the role of Tae Ho, the main lead of the movie. Song Joong Ki really wanted to be on the film. 

The director of the upcoming Netflix movie is Jo Sung Hee who also directed Song Joong Ki's hit movie "A Werewolf Boy". The top actor said that he fully trusts the director and his craft. Song Joong Ki also identified the director as the most unique director in the Korean film industry. 

Song Joong Ki continued praising his director stating, "Director Jo Sung Hee is usually shy but he is very passionate about his craft. He delivers the message of the movie in his own unique style". Other staff of the movie also praised the director for his concise directing.

Director Jo Sung Hee is the man behind movies, "A Werewolf Boy", "Phantom Detective" and the upcoming movie "Space Sweepers" starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu and Yoo Hae Jin.

"Space Sweepers" is a sci-fi film that is set in the year 2092. Song Joong Ki is part of the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. The story will unfold as space junk collectors encounter humanoid robot, Dorothy.

"Space Sweepers" will premiere on Netflix on February 5. It was originally planned to be released in theaters but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was then decided to be streamed on Netflix in 190 countries.


Are you excited to see "Space Sweepers" on Netflix?