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Welcome to my article! 

I love reading Korean Remake articles. They're always fascinating. They intrigue me, and I click right away. So, while I was watching Someday or One Day, I'd always imagine some Korean actors who could play the characters.

Someday or One Day is a 2019/2020 Taiwanese drama about a woman who loses her boyfriend in a plane crash and one day suddenly finds herself in the past with a boy identical to her deceased boyfriend.

             (Mind you, whenever I hear this, I thought I would time-travel too aaaahhh)

Link (video): 

Maybe it's a smile that was left in your heart unknowingly. Or maybe someone who slips into your dreams unconsciously. Or maybe it was a hug you remember very clearly accidentally. Just like this song."

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Alice Ke as Chen Yun Ru / Huang Yu Xuan                                                                       Kim Ji Won    

Why Kim Ji Won? I always think of Kim Ji Won whenever I see Alice Ke on screen. I guess they kind of look alike. I also think she would totally rock the introvert/extrovert given the right amount of acting. I have seen many of her dramas, and she did not disappoint. 


             Greg Hsu as Li Zi Wei / Wang Quan Sheng                                                             Seo In Guk

Why Seo In Guk? I’ve always seen him as a versatile actor. He would totally rock the mysterious/playful guy, effortlessly. He always owns his roles. He slays.


                              Patrick Shih as Mo Jun Jie                                                                                     Jung Hae In

Why Jung Hae In? The “protect at all costs” character. He will totally nail this character as Mo Jun Jie is a pure, innocent and selfless guy. Let’s face it, he’s soft, I mean, look at that smile. I’m more biased on the "Mo Jun Jie" character. 


     Han Chang as Wu Wen Lei (Chen Yun Ru’s uncle)                                                     Kim Won Hae

Why Kim Won Hae? I mean it’s a mortal sin if this ahjussi ain't in any K-drama. Need I say more?


  Yen Wi Yen as Wu Ying Chan (Chen Yun Ru’s mom)                                                Jang Hye Jin

Why Jang Hye Jin? The mom who works at a bar and goes home late and sleeps in the living room, but she actually is hardworking and loving. I think Jang Hye Jin will nail this character given the fact of how convincing her character was in Parasite. The picture, though, Seo Dan-ssi's eommaaaaa!


         Lin He Xuan as Chen Si Yuan (Chen Yun Ru’s bro)                                                  Jo Byung Koo

Why Jo Byung Joo? I think he really suits the playful and spoiled little brother. Given his past works, he would pull off this character.


                             Yan Yu Lin as Xie Zhi Qi                                                                                        Wi Ha Joon

Why Wi Ha Joon?  I’ve always loved his acting. I think he’s one of the underrated actors I know. He playing as the female lead’s doctor will be effortless.

This was my first ever MDL article. A remembrance actually, since I'm home-quarantined (I think we all are). To be honest, though, I had a hard time completing this. I had to save the most suitable images without spoiling you, readers. Oh and the editing of images! Haha!

 On the other hand, it's so fulfilling, it made me happy.  Lastly, I'm encouraging everyone to watch Someday or One Day. This is not just about the love story, it's also about having self-worth and fighting your inner struggles.

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