by Kairi of the Sky, May 26, 2020

Meet Bang Sung Hoon

My first encounter with him was in Oh my Venus as the supporting character Jang Joon Sung. My first impression of him is that he is really not your typical beautiful Korean actor, he got this very manly face and figure which I really love (that's why I love So Ji Sub) :) .

Then after that, I forgot about him but after I saw him again in My Secret Romance, Five Enough (my favorite drama of him) and Running Man, it really heightens my interest of him.

So, I checked him and saw his daily life in the reality show I Live Alone, and it really shows the difference between his normal life and life as a Hallyu Actor. Knowing his other side made me love him even more.

These are the things that I found about him :) Enjoy!

Athleticism, Perfect For A Model Like Him

                       A Former Swimming Champion                                                     He Loves to Participate in Triathlon

We are not surprised that Sunghoon were engaged in different sports that give him that amazing body built. WOOHOO!! Even though his athletic career ended because of an injury, he continuous to joined in different activities that help him to maintain his body figure. 

Humble and Straightforward Guy

                                        He's Too Realistic                                                                 He Kept and Used his fans Gift

Fans: I want to marry you. I love you. I'm 17, can you wait for me?

Sung Hoon: No (without any hesitation). haha...

Si Eon: See you at Dongjak Borough Office in three years.

When his fans became too much into fantasies, somehow he answers them with honesty but in a good way. Maybe it's because of his age, but it gives him more flavor to his personality.  When he is told how handsome and gorgeous he is, he doesn't admit it and tells them that everyone has a different perspective, so maybe he is not attractive to others.

 He also keeps his fans gift, especially when it comes to eating utensils (he loves to eat) and that is adorable and sweet.  

Sunghoon's Life Hacks and Funny Habits

         How To Eat Cereal For A Lazy Person Like Me                                       Eating Kiwi without Peeling?

We know that SungHoon is still single, until now. YAY!!! So, he is living alone in his apartment and got some weird habit that he can teach you and you can adapt to your life. He loves eating fruits, especially when he's on a diet.

We know that some fruits are okay without peeling it since the nutrients are on the skin. But the kiwi? It's hilarious! I didn't know that it was okay to eat it without peeling. :) 

We Can Relate To His Morning Routine :)

Guys, he's one of us! 

Every time we watch a drama, we always wonder how the heck they look like that early in the morning. Or do the famous actors get breakfast in bed and facial routine every morning to keep their face fresh and ready to go for their hectic schedule?

Well, SungHoon no. He is just a normal guy that isn't much concerned about how he looks early in the morning and just wants to eat his breakfast and enjoy a quiet and alone time. His lifestyle is really the opposite of his Chaebol character on his dramas. He just enjoys his simple and private life.

He Needs To Have a Mukbang Channel

               This Is Me When I Eat With My Friends :)                                           No Wasting Of Food :)                                       


He really really loves to eat food. Well, who doesn't? :) He just literally eats everything, especially after his painful diet or tiring workout. It was very satisfying to watch him devour food, and it really looks like he's enjoying it.

He really is the kind of guy that you could invite if you wanted to have a mukbang challenge.

                               When He's Too Tired To Eat                                                               When You Impressed Your Friend

Even though he claimed that he was too tired to eat or got an upset stomach or it was too salty for him because he had just finished a diet with bland food, he just ate what was in front of him, it didn't matter. Food is food and he needs it.

                                Brain Freeze Challenge?                                                                           Good Food Everyone!                                           

Looking at his normal ways made me like him more. It just adds to his charisma for not being that perfect guy that you will see in so many dramas... His quirky and hilarious side was eye candy for me. 

Food is Life Whatever the Situation :)


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