by lo_ve, January 1, 2021

 JTBC's 10th-anniversary special drama "Sisyphus: The Myth" released its first poster featuring top actors Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye.

The fantasy-mystery drama is set to air this 2021. The story will unfold with genius engineer Han Tae Sul's (played by Jo Seung Woo) journey in finding hidden beings that are living in this world. Park Shin Hye's character Kang Seo Hae will undergo a long and dangerous journey to find him.

On January 1, the poster was unveiled with the silhouette of the main leads facing a mysterious light. JTBC also shared that there's always a point in everyone's lives where we question if we can "go back to our past" and the drama will make that question into reality. 

The poster contains the mysterious caption "One world, two futures." This is referring to whether Kang Seo Hae can rescue Han Tae Sul or not. 

Producers of the drama shared, "2021 is finally here and to commemorate this new start, we have revealed the first poster of the drama that will showcase the key message of "Sisyphus: The Myth". They also asked viewers to look forward to the characters' fierce  journey in battling to achieve "One world, two futures." 

"Sisyphus: The Myth" is already making a buzz in the industry with its solid crew and cast including Jin Hyeok (the director of Legend of the Blue Sea, Doctor Stranger and The Master's Sun), as well as writers Lee Je In and Jeon Chan Ho. The drama will showcase a new paradigm for the genre with it's innovative visuals, solid composition and unique plot.

It will air sometime in February 2021 and will be the follow up for ongoing JTBC drama "Run On".