by lo_ve, January 15, 2021

SF9's Ro Woon may join the upcoming romance historical KBS drama Affection.

Media outlet Daily Sports revealed on January 15 that the SF9 member has been offered the role as the main male lead in the drama Affection (Yeonmo).  

He will play the role of a Joseon man named Jung Ji Woon. Ro Woon will be Lee Hwi's (played by Park Eun Bin) teacher and first love. Jung Ji Woon is an optimistic person who believes that anything that is beautiful should be protected. He likes fancy things and his motto is to enjoy life. 

If he accepts, this will be Ro Woon's first-ever historical drama. Ro Woon has been active not only as an idol but also as an actor with him getting recognition on the hit drama Extraordinary You, followed by him getting another lead role for the JTBC drama She Would Never Know. In the upcoming historical drama Affection, Ro Woon will work alongside Park Eun Bin who will portray the role of a king hiding her identity as a woman. 

Affection is the story of a hidden king who is not recognized as part of history. The story will unfold as the unlucky king tries to hide that she is actually a woman. She keeps a poker face as a mask to hide the truth. The drama will also show the romance between the king hiding her identity as a woman and the pretty men surrounding her in the strict palace.

The drama is depicted from the manhwa (Korean comic) with the same name written by Lee Se Young. It will be directed by Song Hyun Wook, who also worked on The Beauty Inside and Another Miss Oh. It will be penned by the screenwriter Han Hee Jung, who also wrote the script for Clean With Passion For Now


Affection is expected to premiere in the second half of 2021. 

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