by Hide Your Heart, February 8, 2020

  Warning:   This drama is a thriller; some things might be upsetting.
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안녕 (Annyeong)! It’s me again, your fangirl-y fellow drama lover/enthusiast, and this time, I've decided to bring another "Save The Date" type of article. This one is focused on the upcoming TvN drama the Cursed, which premieres on February 10, 2020.

Warning for possible spoilers regarding trailers/etc., and other information that has been made public about the upcoming drama below.

Trigger Warnings: Blood, possession, cuts on arm, razor blades, etc. This is just from the drama teaser #2; there may be a lot more in the drama. Please be careful!

A curse begins in your heart. The Cursed is a Korean drama that centers around a large evil that takes advantage of humans and the hatred they may harbour. Especially during a time when hatred can be expressed so easily with just a click to harm or hurt others, even take lives. This drama focuses on not only the dismal reality that has become the society we live in today but also to help shed light on these issues and also show a glimpse into a dark mind.

While trying to do the right thing by covering a violent case revolving around a large IT company named "Forest", reporter Jin Hee finds out about a spiritual consultation company affiliated with Forest. While trying to uncover the truth behind Forest, she meets a possessed teenager with a special gift.

You can watch the teaser below. In the teasers, we get to see the vibe that the drama will have, which seems to be very dark and intense. SEE TRIGGER WARNING AT TOP OF ARTICLE BEFORE WATCHING. (for more videos, please check out and subscribe to MDL on youtube)

Im Jin Hee - late 30s (Uhm Ji Wonis a reporter that covers violent cases and has her eyes set on justice.

 Baek Soo Jin - late teens (Jeong Ji So) is a high school student who was born the daughter of a shaman, and she possesses a special ability.

Jin Jong Hyun - mid-50s (Sung Dong Il) is the chairman of Forest, the nations largest IT company.

Jin Kyung - 50s, estimated (Jo Min Soois a shaman that supports Jin Jong Hyun. She also has a wide network of others like her.

     Our supporting cast includes:    Jung Moon Sung as Jung Sung Joon, Kim Min Jae as Lee Hwan, Kim In Kwon as Kim Pil Sung, Go Gyu Pil as Tak Jung Hoon and ++view more.

And so, my questions that I have for all of my fellow enthusiasts: Are you looking forward to this drama? If so, why? If no, why not? And last but not least... Will you be saving the date?

Sound off in the comments!

Let’s talk about it, whether we like, love or hate it or if you’re neutral.

That's all from me for now... until we give our heart a voice again, thank you for reading, my fellow drama lovers and enthusiasts! 화이팅 (Hwaiting)!

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