by Hide Your Heart, March 11, 2020

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안녕 (Annyeong) / Hello! It's time for the Yoo Seung Ho article! I mean, it's time to talk about the upcoming TvN mystery, action drama MEMORIST. From the look of the teasers and the photos, this one seems like it will not only be a fun watch but also a good one (let's hope!).  It will premiere on March 11th, 2020, followed by its second episode on March 12th, 2020. 

       Airs On: Wednesday & Thursday | Country: South Korea  | Duration: 1 hr.         

Warning for possible spoilers regarding trailers/etc., and other information that has been made public about the upcoming drama below. 

In this mystery thriller: An elite profiler who puts her faith in data and a detective with a supernatural ability, that is popular among the police force as well as the public put their skills to use by joining hands in tracking down a serial killer with supernatural abilities.

You can watch two teasers below to get the setting for what this one has in store for us. It seems there will be some comedy but also some serious moments too. (For more videos, please check out and subscribe to MDL on youtube!)

Dong Baek (27) portrayed by Yoo Seung Ho is a detective with a special ability that helps him read memories, which he uses to help solve crimes.Han Sun Mi (31) portrayed by Lee Se Young is a criminal profiler and the youngest person to become senior superintendent of the police force.

     Our supporting cast includes:      Jo Sung Ha as Lee Shin Woong [Deputy department head], Ko Chang Seok as Goo Kyung Tan [Chief], Jeon Hyo Sung as Kang Ji Eun [Reporter], Yoon Ji On as Oh Se Hoon [Dong Baek's partner]  and ++view more. 

And so, my questions that I have for all of my fellow drama enthusiasts: Are you looking forward to this drama? If so, why? If no, why not? And last but not least... Will you be saving the date?

Don't forget to come back here after the premiere to share your thoughts!

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That's all from me for now... Until we give our heart a voice again, thank you for reading, my fellow drama lovers and enthusiasts! 화이팅 (Hwaiting)!

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